SEIFUDEIN ADEM, Associate Research Professor/Associate Director, Institute of Global Cultural Studies (IGCS)
Research areas:  AFRASIA; China in the Middle East; Japan in the Middle East; China in Africa

ALLAN ARKUSH, Professor, Judaic Studies and History
Research areas:  Zionism, Israeli history, modern Jewish thought
Courses taught:  JUST 347 Modern Israel; JUST 244 Modern Jewish History; JUST 284E Messianism in Jewish History

BAT-AMI BAR ON, Professor, Philosophy Department
Research areas:  Jewish Illegal Immigration to Post WWII Mandatory Palestine – the normative issues

MARK BLUMLER, Associate Professor, Geography and Biological Sciences
Research areas: Plant ecology; agricultural origins; geography of asymmetrical conflict; energy and society; weed ecology and evolution; "desertification"; ethnic cultural trajectories
Courses taught: GEOG 357 Geography of the Middle East; GEOG 337/509 Conservation of Natural Resources

MOULAY-ALI BOUANANI, PhD. Africana Studies
Research areas:  Arabic Studies, North African Studies, Medieval Arabic and Islamic Studies, Islam in Africa, Orientalism
Courses taught:  AFST 372 Arabic Civilization and Culture; AFST 370 Convivencia in Islamic Spain; AFST 386 Issues in Fiction and Film by N. African Women; AFST 251 Islamic Cultures in Africa; AFST 280D Popular Youth Culture in N. Africa; AFST 475 West Meets East in N. Africa; AFST 362 Literature of N. Africa & the M. East
Websitehttp://www.binghamton.edu/africana/  http://www.binghamton.edu/africana/faculty-staff.html

DINA DANON, Assistant Professor, Judaic Studies, History Department
Contact:  ddanon@binghamton.edu
Research areas:  Sephardi Jewry, Modern Jewish history
Courses taught:  JUST 257/HIST 285C Jews and Muslims; JUST 484B/HIST485J/ARAB 480F Sephardi and Mizrahi Voices; Jews in the Mediterranean City; Sephardi Diasporas

RANDY FRIEDMAN, Associate Professor of Judaic Studies and Comparative Literature; Director
Center for Israel Studies
Research areas:  Philosophy of Religion, Early Zionist Thought
Courses taught Early Zionist Thought
Website:  http://bingweb.binghamton.edu/~friedman/

OMID GHAEMMAGHAMI, Assistant Professor, Classical and Near Eastern Studies
Research areas:  Shi'i Islam; Messianism and Eschatology; Islamic thought and intellectual history (viz., mysticism and theology); Qur'anic exegesis; Babi and Baha'i religions
Courses taughtModern Standard Arabic (all levels); Introduction to the Qur'án (University of Toronto); Introduction to Islamic Civilization (Washington University in St Louis); Elementary Persian (Washington University in St Louis); Readings in the Text of the Qur'an: Vocabulary, Grammar, Rhetoric and Interpretation (to be taught in 2015-16); Text and Context, Reason and Revelation: An Introduction to Islamic Literature (in Translation) (to be taught in 2015-16)

EKREM KARAKOC, Assistant Professor, Political Science
Research areas:  Democratization, Religion-Politics, Ethnic minorities, Religious minorities, Foreign Policy
Courses taughtDemocratization
Website:   www.ekremkarakoc.com

JONATHAN KARP, Associate Professor, Judaic Studies and History Department
Research areas:  History of Modern Israel/Zionism; History of the Enlightenment; Jewish Economic History
Courses taughtZionism and its Jewish Critics

GREGORY KEY, Turkish Lecturer, Classical and Near Eastern Studies
Research areas:  Turkish Linguistics, Theoretical Linguistics (morphosyntax)
Courses taught:  TURK 111 Elementary Turkish I; TURK 112 Elementary Turkish II; TURK 280A Modern Turkish Literature in Translation; TURK 282C Turkish Media and Pop Culture; TURK 480A/707 Ottoman Turkish I; TURK 481B/580 Ottoman Turkish II

KEVIN LACEY, Associate Professor, Classical and Near Eastern Studies
Research areas:  Middle East
Courses taught:  Arabic language and literature

RICARDO RENE LAREMONT, Professor of Political Science and Sociology
Contact:  laremont@binghamton.edu
Research areas:  Political Islam, Democratization, Demography, Political Economy
Courses taught:  Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa, Political Islam, Development of the Modern State, Nationalism

ANDREW (RANDY) SCHOLTZ, Associate Professor of Classics, Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies
Contact:  ascholtz@binghamton.edu
Research areas:  The passions in the Greek and Roman Mediterranean. Ancient Greek rhetoric.
Website:  http://www.binghamton.edu/cnes/people/faculty/andrew.html; http://bingweb.binghamton.edu/~ascholtz/

KENT F. SCHULL, Associate Professor of Ottoman and Modern Middle East History, History Department
Contact:  kschull@binghamton.edu
Research areas:  History of the Ottoman Empire, Modern Middle East History, Palestine-Israel, Turkey, Criminal Justice in the Middle East
Courses taught:  HIST 275A 20th Century Middle East; HIST 385J Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; HIST 385G History of the Ottoman Empire; HIST 385F World War I and the Middle East; HIST 485E/572E Revolution in the Modern Middle East; HIST 485F /572 The Arab-Israeli Conflict
Website:  http://www.binghamton.edu/history/people/faculty/schull.html

JOHN H. STARKS, JR., Associate Professor of Classical Studies and Chair of Classical and Near Eastern Studies
Research areas:  race and ethnicity, particularly non-western ethnicities, in ancient North Africa and the Near East; Arabic receptions of classical literature and themes; ancient Carthage
Courses taught:  CLAS 383B Race & Ethnicity in Ancient North Africa; LAT 380C The 'Other' in Latin Comedy; LAT 382A 'Africans' in Latin History & Epic; GRK 380B Greek Historians on Barbarity & 'Medizing' (Persian ethnic observations)
Website:  http://bingweb.binghamton.edu/~jstarks

NANCY UM, Associate Professor, Art History
Contact:  nancyum@binghamton.edu
Research areas:  Islamic art, architecture and urbanism, Yemen, Indian Ocean, maritime trade and exchange
Courses taught:  ARTH 227 Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Arts; ARTH 327 Gilded Pages: Islamic Book Arts; ARTH 328 Cairo: Islamic Architecture and the City; ARTH 428/528 The Sultan's Palace
Website:  http://www.binghamton.edu/art-history/faculty/nancyum.html

MARY YOUSSEF, Assistant Professor of Arabic, Classical and Near Eastern Studies
Contact:  myoussef@binghamton.edu
Research areas:   Arabic literature, Middle East Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Gender Studies, the Contemporary Egyptian Novel
Courses taught:   Arabic 101, Arabic 102, Arabic 115, Arabic 116, Arabic 203, Arabic 280C, Arabic 305, Arabic 306, Arabic 380B, Arabic 380C, Arabic 382B
Website:  http://www.binghamton.edu/cnes/people/faculty/mary.html

Last Updated: 3/18/15