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Lethal wounds on skull may indicate 430,000 year-old murder


BINGHAMTON, NY – Research into lethal wounds found on a human skull may indicate one of the first cases of murder in human history—some 430,000 years ago—and offers evidence of the earliest funerary practices in the archaeological record.

Cooling the Cloud: Binghamton PhD student sets sights on improving data-center efficiency


BINGHAMTON, NY – Data centers — large clusters of servers that power cloud computing operations, e-commerce and more — are one of the largest and fastest-growing consumers of electricity in the United States.

Binghamton University hosts 38th Annual Poetry and the Children Day


BINGHAMTON, NY – More than 400 students from 35 schools and 12 school districts will meet at 10 a.m. Wednesday, May 20, in the Osterhout Concert Theater of the Anderson Center at Binghamton University for the 38th Annual Poetry and the Children Day. After the opening presentation, students will present their poems throughout the Fine Arts Building.

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How do optical illusions make you see things differently? 

Asked by: Priscilla Williams
School: St. John the Evangelist
Grade: 5
Teacher: Anu Rai
Hobbies/Interests: Soccer, lacrosse 
Career Interest: Oral surgeon 

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