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Scientists build bacteria-powered battery on single sheet of paper


BINGHAMTON, NY – Instead of ordering batteries by the pack, we might get them by the ream in the future.

India Arie to give Black History Month keynote address at Binghamton University


BINGHAMTON, NY – Globally renowned musician India Arie will give the Black History Month keynote address at Binghamton University at 6 p.m. Friday, Feb. 17, in the Anderson Center Chamber Hall, on campus. Arie, an American singer-songwriter, actress, musician and record producer, will speak on what it means to celebrate blackness unapologetically.

Binghamton University seeking applications for Ross University and Community Projects Fund


BINGHAMTON, NY -- Applications are now available for the 2017 grant cycle of the Stephen David Ross University and Community Projects Fund at Binghamton University.

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How does our body grow hair? 

Asked by: Bryonna Sapp
School: West Middle School, Binghamton CSD
Grade: 6
Teacher: Jo Ann Summerlee
Hobbies/Interests: Science, doing experiments in science class
Career Interest: Scientist 

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Brandon E. Gibb

Professor and Clinical Graduate Coordinator of Psychology & Director of Clinical Training

Clinical psychology; Vulnerability to depression in children and adults; Cognitive vulnerability; Childhood emotional maltreatment; Suicide; Developmental psychopathology

email: | phone: 607-777-2511

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