Binghamton University welcomes new, returning students


BINGHAMTON, NY -- Binghamton University welcomes returning and new students and their families on August 26 and 27, with move-in days signifying the beginning of the fall semester and a new academic year.

Approximately 2,200 freshmen and about 1,050 transfer students will join the Binghamton University community this year. They'll be joined by upperclassmen arriving Friday. Classes begin Monday, August 30.

“I’m proud to say that this year's class is another superbly talented one,” said Interim President C. Peter Magrath. “These students all have outstanding academic records, come from a broad array of racial, ethnic, social and religious backgrounds, and will add significantly to our vibrant campus community.”

The University received over 30,000 applications, 27,160 of which were from freshman and 4,577 from transfer students.  Binghamton accepted 40 percent of freshman applications making the University one of the most selective schools in the nation.

In the Graduate School, applications are up for the fourth year in a row and showing a 10 percent increase. Top choices for Binghamton University graduate students include K-12 teacher education, nursing, clinical psychology, public administration, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, accounting, business administration, chemistry, materials science, economics, and SPEL (social, political, ethical and legal philosophy program).

Nancy Stamp, dean of the Graduate School, noted, “Even in an economic downturn, students realize that the best investment they can make is a graduate degree, and that Binghamton provides a wide array of excellent programs at very affordable prices. “Students realize that in today’s global society a graduate degree is the best way to get ahead.”

The Class of 2014 boasts some of the most impressive academic credentials of any Binghamton class ever. The entering class has an average SAT score of 1289 and an average high school GPA of 94. 

About 7 percent of the total incoming class will be comprised of students from Broome and Tioga counties. Approximately 30 percent of the class is from upstate New York. Another 22 percent of the student body is from Long Island and 19 percent from New York City.

Binghamton welcomes over 1,000 transfer students with the majority of the coming from Broome Community College. The mean GPA for entering transfers is 3.4.

According to Sandra Starke, vice provost for enrollment management, Binghamton University continues to attract some of the brightest community college students in New York State. “Community colleges provide an important avenue of access to a four-year degree and transfers comprise about 30 percent of all of our new students at Binghamton University,” Starke said.

Binghamton again expects a number of new international students to join the campus community this fall. The incoming international students represent over 50 countries, with the greatest population coming from South Korea, China, India, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Peru, and Turkey.


Last Updated: 9/17/13