Binghamton University Philanthropy Incubator to award $13,000


BINGHAMTON, NY -- The Binghamton University Philanthropy Incubator will announce this year’s grant recipients at 2 p.m. Wednesday, May 11, at the University Downtown Center.  The Incubator will award over $13,000 to local nonprofit agencies during a ceremony that will recognize all of the award recipients as well as acknowledge the hard work and dedication of all involved in the project.

The Philanthropy Incubator involves students in three courses, in which they learn about community needs, philanthropy, management and leadership in nonprofit organizations.

Agencies were selected for funding based upon student research and were expected to meet various qualifications for the grant. This semester, students worked diligently to focus on key initiatives centered on the Incubator’s mission, strategy, revenue generation and organizational structure.

The Philanthropy Incubator, which is funded by the Sunshine Lady Foundation, student fundraising and the Campus/Compact/Fidelity Charitable Fund, is a mechanism to teach students in the Binghamton University Scholars Program, the masters of public administration (MPA) and social work (MSW) programs about philanthropy and nonprofit management.  

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Last Updated: 9/17/13