Binghamton University welcomes back students


       Binghamton University welcomes returning and new students and their families August 23 and 24, as move-in days signify the beginning of the fall semester and a new academic year.

       Approximately 2,160 freshmen and about 880 transfer students will join the Binghamton University community this year. They'll be joined by upperclassmen, arriving Friday. Classes begin Monday, August 27.

      In welcoming the new students, President Lois B. DeFleur noted: "The success and achievements of our student body are impressive. Yet every year, it seems that the incoming class is better, brighter, and more talented than the previous one,” she said. “Our national and international reputation allows us to attract the best students from all corners of the world, adding a global experience to our classrooms and campus.”

       The University received a record high 28,000 applications from students who hope to enroll this fall. This includes 25,155 freshman applications, a 10 percent increase from the previous year, and 3,713 transfer applications, up 3 percent from a year ago. About 40 percent of freshmen were accepted; on average, only 3 percent of colleges nationwide accept fewer than 50 percent of their applicant pool.

       In the Graduate School, applications are up by 11 percent. Top choices for Binghamton University graduate students include nursing, social work, computer science, electrical engineering, materials engineering, biology, and behavioral neuroscience, a psychology track.

       Nancy Stamp, dean of the Graduate School, noted, “More than 18 percent of the applications were from Binghamton University undergraduates. Our international applications were also up this year, reflecting over 71 countries,” she said. “In part, we think the increase nationally and internationally is due to students around the world recognizing the value of a degree from Binghamton.”

       The Class of 2011 boasts some of the most impressive academic credentials of any Binghamton class ever. The entering class has an average SAT nearing 1270, well above the national average of 1028. The mean high school average for entering freshmen is 93 and the mean GPA for entering transfers is 3.37. 

        “In addition, more than 85 percent of Binghamton's undergraduates meet SUNY's highest designation of selectivity, which combines a student's SAT score and their high school average,” said Sandra Starke, vice provost for enrollment management. “Binghamton continues to be the most selective of the SUNY University Centers.”

       About 16 percent of the total incoming class will be out-of-state students. About 84 percent of the incoming Binghamton students hail from New York State. Downstate students are the largest group, with 25 percent emanating from Long Island, 21 percent from New York City, and 19 percent from Westchester and Rockland counties.
Almost 30 percent of the incoming students are from upstate and western New York, with nearly 10 percent coming from Broome or Tioga counties.

       More than 170 new international undergraduate and 260 new graduate students will attend Binghamton University this fall.  Incoming international students represent over 50 countries, including Burkina Faso, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Ireland, Jordan, Kenya, Moldova, Nepal and New Zealand.  The greatest population of international students comes from Turkey, South Korea, India, China, Taiwan and Japan.

       Binghamton University will also welcome approximately 209 undergraduate dual diploma students from Turkey, of whom 99 are returning as seniors, while 110 begin their sophomore year of study in their respective programs.  The dual diploma program partners Binghamton with four universities in Turkey and the students will pursue studies in the dual diploma programs including management, information systems, and global and international affairs.

Last Updated: 9/17/13