Binghamton University unveils Road Map for the future


BINGHAMTON, NY­ -- Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger today unveiled the University’s Road Map to guide the campus in realizing its vision of becoming the premier public university of the 21st century.

The Road Map 2013 strategic plan, developed with the help of more than 400 volunteers working on nine focused teams, encompasses the University’s guiding principles and includes strategies on how Binghamton University will achieve its goals. The teams, tasked with looking at the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, began meeting in September 2012, and presented final proposals in December.

“Our teams developed hundreds of initiatives, innovations and ideas that they believe will help Binghamton University best meet future challenges as well as take advantage of opportunities that come our way,” said Stenger. “We have reviewed all of the proposals and have organized them under five strategic priorities that reflect our overarching goals.”

Each of the Road Map strategic priorities begins with the same words that emphasize the University’s­ mission:

         The Premier Public University of the 21st Century will…

  • …engage in path-breaking graduate education, research, scholarship and creative activities that shape the world.
  • …provide a transformative learning community that prepares students for advanced education, careers and purposeful living.
  •  …unite to foster a diverse and inclusive campus culture.
  •  …enhance the University’s economic, social and cultural impact through engagement from the  local to the global level.
  •  …will optimize the acquisition and allocation of human, technological, financial and physical resources.

Global challenges − combined with fiscal and resource limitations faced by every institution of higher learning − require Binghamton University to be strategic in every decision it makes and in every initiative it undertakes.                                      

“That is why this Road Map is so important to our future,” said Stenger. “Our significant and strategic growth as outlined in our NYSUNY 2020 proposal must be guided and addressed directly by these strategic priorities.”

The essential attributes of a premier public university are accountability, excellence, pride and balance, Stenger said. “These attributes were at the center of the Road Map process and will continue to remain a focus as Binghamton University embarks on implementation of this plan.”

Based on the five strategic priorities, 46 of the 179 original proposals will move forward initially. At the top of the list, Binghamton University will: 

  • Establish a new college or school of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy
  • Raise its stature as a research institution and elevate its graduate programs
  • Support interdisciplinary initiatives and research
  • Create an enhanced center to support a culture of excellence in teaching
  • Commit to a philosophy of diversity that is woven throughout the fabric of the University
  • Increase the consistency and visibility of the Binghamton brand regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Dedicate resources to maintain new buildings on campus 

“I want to thank everyone on and off campus who played a role in our Road Map process,” said Stenger. “We have an ambitious journey ahead and I can’t wait to work with all of you to make this plan a reality.”

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Last Updated: 9/17/13