Binghamton University welcomes back students for spring semester


       Binghamton University welcomes over 14,000 returning and new students when residence halls open for the spring semester at 9 a.m. Thursday, January 18.  Classes begin Monday.   

       The Class of 2010 boasts some of the most impressive academic credentials of any Binghamton class ever. The entering class has an average SAT nearing 1265, well above the national average of 1028. The mean high school average for entering freshmen is 93 and the mean GPA for entering transfers is 3.3. Binghamton continues to be the most selective of the SUNY University Centers.

       In addition to their academic credentials, the first-year class is one of Binghamton University’s most diverse, with students coming from 35 states and 94 nations, including Finland, Mozambique, Honduras, South Africa and Australia. The greatest population of international students comes from India, Turkey, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

Last Updated: 9/17/13