Binghamton University earns NCAA certification


    Binghamton University was one of 27 NCAA Division I member institutions to be certified by the NCAA Division I Committee on Athletics Certification, the NCAA announced on Thursday, May 4. The purpose of athletics certification is to ensure integrity in the institution's athletics program and to assist institutions in improving their athletics departments.

    The certification process, which involves a self-study led by an institution’s president or chancellor, includes a review of these primary components: governance and commitment to rules compliance; academic integrity; equity; and student-athlete well-being. A designation of certified means that an institution operates its athletics program in substantial conformity with operating principles adopted by the Division I membership.

    “The certification confirms that Binghamton University has an intercollegiate athletics program we can be proud of and it is a 'seal of approval' for the Athletic Department,” said Binghamton University President Lois DeFleur. “The most important part is that Binghamton University is competitive on the athletic fields of competition, as well as in the academic arenas. I would like to thank everyone on the campus who worked hard during this year-long process as well as the NCAA and our institutional review committee. I am also very proud that the review committee noted that Binghamton University is a model for developing Division I programs."

     All 326 active Division I members participate in the certification process. The Division I Committee on Athletics Certification preliminarily reviews an institution’s certification materials and provides a list of issues identified during the evaluation. The university then hosts a visit by peer reviewers who file a report regarding the institution’s resolution of those issues before a final certification decision is rendered. An institution’s failure to satisfactorily respond to the committee may negatively impact certification status.

    "I am very pleased at the outcome of the NCAA certification committee, said Joel Thirer, director of athletics. “It demonstrates that Binghamton has followed all the steps and procedures that the NCAA has outlined, in terms of institutional involvement with and control over its intercollegiate athletics program.  It was a campus-wide effort of more than 60 constituents and we are appreciative of all their hard work."

    The certification process is separate from the NCAA’s enforcement program, which investigates allegations of rules violations by NCAA member institutions. A decision of certified does not exempt an institution from concurrent or subsequent enforcement proceedings.

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Last Updated: 9/17/13