Binghamton University vitalizes the Greater Binghamton community and beyond


The University serves our region by fostering partnerships between the public and private sector that are a driving force in the economies of Broome County, the Southern Tier region and New York state.

• For every dollar invested in Binghamton University in FY2004-05, $8 is returned to the state economy and $6 to the local economy.

This happens through:

-    The spending of Binghamton University faculty, staff, students and visitors spent over $400 million resulting in an economic impact of approximately $700 million in Broome County and roughly $894.5 million in New York state.

-    Construction spending, which was over $44.3 million, resulting in an economic impact of over $75 million in Broome, and $96 million in New York state.

-    Partnerships with regional business that will help them generate jobs and stay competitive. For example, research by the IEEC for and with its partners fostered economic development and strengthened the industry in the state and nation, resulting in an economic impact of more than $315 million.   

-    The ability to attract millions of dollars in research grants from federal, state and private sources, which in 2004-05 topped $27.5 million. For example, the Center for Advanced Microelectronics (CAMM) won a $10 million contract that will partner the University with EI to produce next generation microelectronics capabilities. 

• Undergraduate and graduate student participate in volunteer and internship programs, providing valuable benefits to business, charitable organizations and local government. Close to 275,000 hours of volunteer and internship hours, the value of the services being around $4.7 million.

• The University’s partnerships with community schools, educational agencies, local industry and business leaders enrich our community and help develop professional skills.

-    The Binghamton University Education and Community Development Center will offer academic programs fostering strong community ties and help revitalize downtown Binghamton.

-    Programs with the Binghamton City School District keep students engaged in learning, while offering providing professional development opportunities to area teachers – E2T2 and the Center for the Teaching of American History.

-    The School of Management’s MBA program offers executive and on-site programs that prepare area employees from increasing management and leadership responsibility.  

-    The University’s Continuing Education & Outreach programs serve adults seeking professional development opportunities.

• The University’s cultural and athletic partnerships enrich the arts and entertainment options for the community.

-    Division I athletic competition brings approximately $10 to $12 million to the region each year and fosters campus and community pride.

-    The Anderson Center for the arts annually showcases 175 performances, conference and special events, bringing about 100,000 people to campus venues.

-    The University’s Music and Theatre Departments offer more than 100 high quality performances each year.

-    University faculty, staff, students and alumni participate vigorously in art exhibits and musical and theater performances in the area.

• The University’s healthcare partnerships improve health care research, practice and management in the community.

-    Nursing students completed over 72,000 hours of clinical hours in local hospitals and healthcare agencies.

-    Harpur’s Ferry student volunteer ambulance service provided assistance to students and residents of the surrounding communities.

-    Research conducted through the University’s Elder Services Center and its rural healthcare programs is aimed at improving the quality of healthcare in our community and beyond. 

Last Updated: 9/17/13