Binghamton University to host cross-cultural awareness seminar


    Binghamton University’s Office of Continuing Education & Outreach is sponsoring a half day seminar, “Cross-Cultural Competencies: Building Yours!” from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Friday, October 24. This seminar, which will focus on cross-cultural awareness, communication and comprehension, is being held at the University Downtown Center, located at 67 Washington Street.

    Participants will explore various communication styles, review various cultural identities and examine interactions. Attendees will also learn tips and techniques to communicate with those who are non-native English speakers.

    In today’s global marketplace, knowledge and skills are vital, but cultural competency can make or break a business deal. The need for cultural awareness and sensitivity are essential in global business. For example, do you know how to pronounce the most common last names in China, Korea and Turkey? Do you know which culture often considers “no” to be a negotiable answer or that a brief pause in the conversation can help the other person comprehend what’s just been said? When communicating with someone who’s first language is not English, do you know the most practical ways to assure understanding?

    Enrollment is limited and early registration is encouraged. Online registration is available at, or by mail or phone. For more information or to register, call (607) 777-6857 or toll free, 1-877-313-2508 or visit

Last Updated: 9/17/13