Binghamton University to host simulator update course


    The Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science at Binghamton University will host the 23rd annual Flight and Ground Vehicle Simulation Update course to be held January 9 – 13 on the University campus.

    The 40-hour non-credit course concentrates on the technologies required to design and use vehicle simulators including aircraft and ground vehicles such as cars, tanks and locomotives. Ten nationally recognized experts will take participants through such areas as simulation fundamentals; motion and force cueing; visual display system design; simulator qualification; image generators; and simulator system integration.

    The program also provides a module on distributed simulation and high-level architecture. This process links simulators from many locations together to allow mission rehearsal, a very important tool used by the military prior to large-scale operations.

     Originally developed to meet on-going training needs among Binghamton area simulation companies, the update course has gained an international reputation, enrolling more than 1,600 simulation specialists from 38 countries over its lifetime. Each January, the Binghamton region and its simulation companies are spotlighted to the world as military, government, industry and researchers gather for the course. 

     The Greater Binghamton region, the birthplace of simulation, is now home to more than a dozen firms directly involved in the design and manufacture of simulation equipment.

     For more information about the course visit the Watson School Professional Development Office web site at or call 607-777-2154 for a program brochure.

Last Updated: 9/17/13