Binghamton University welcomes back students


Binghamton University welcomes returning and new students and their families August 25 and 26 as move-in days signify the beginning of the fall semester and a new academic year.

Approximately 2,059 freshmen and 785 transfer students will join the Binghamton University community this year. They'll be joined by upperclassmen, arriving Friday. Classes begin Monday, August 29.

In welcoming the new students, President Lois B. DeFleur noted: “This is a very special group of students and one of the most academically talented, with SAT scores of more than 200 points above the national average,” she said. “Significantly, we also have an increase in out-of-state, minority, and international students. All of these students are talented, ambitious and creative, and we are optimistic about their future here.”

In yet another record-breaking year, Binghamton University's total applicant pool, including transfer and graduate students, is close to 27,662. This fall's freshman applications totaled 21,520, an increase of 8 percent over a year ago. Transfer applications were 3,350, an increase of 15 percent over last year. Applications from out-of-state freshmen increased by 25 percent with international applications increasing by 28 percent.

“We’ve paid particular attention to our out-of-state recruitment,” said Sandra Starke, vice provost for enrollment management. “Many new initiatives were successfully implemented and it seems to be paying off. By putting a strong foundation in place, we will be able to build from these efforts for the fall 2006 cycle. “

In the Graduate School, overall projected enrollment is up by 14%. Nancy Stamp, dean of the Graduate School, is particularly pleased with the increase. “In light of the fact that international applications have declined across the United States and the economy has improved which tends to impact domestic applications, the increase in enrollments is very encouraging,” said Stamp. ”In part, we think it reflects improvement in recruitment efforts, including increasing awareness of graduate programs and the strength of these here at Binghamton,” she said.

The Class of 2009 boasts some of the most impressive academic credentials of any Binghamton class ever. The entering class has an average SAT nearing 1264, well above the national average of 1026. The mean high school average for entering freshmen is 93 and the mean GPA for entering transfers is 3.36. In addition, more than 82 percent of Binghamton's undergraduates meet SUNY's highest designation of selectivity, which combines a student's SAT score and their high school average. Binghamton continues to be the most selective of the SUNY University Centers.

In addition to their academic credentials, the first-year class is one of Binghamton University’s most diverse, with students coming from 36 states and 58 nations. About 87 percent of the incoming Binghamton students hail from New York state. Downstate students are the largest group, with 21 percent emanating from Long Island, 24 percent from New York City and 9 percent from Westchester and Rockland counties.

Almost 33 percent of the incoming students are from upstate and western New York, with nearly 11 percent coming from Broome or Tioga counties. Close to 13 percent of the incoming class are from out-of-state or other countries.

Thirty one percent of the new students are from minority populations. The combined incoming Black and Latino student populations have increased 26% over last year. Nearly 15 percent of new students are of Asian background and Native Americans make up less than 1 percent.

More than 370 new international students will attend Binghamton University this fall, with expectations that Binghamton is on track to come close to or exceed the previous record of 376 new international students enrolled in fall 2002. Of the new international students, approximately 58 percent are graduate students and 42 percent undergraduates.

Incoming international students represent 58 countries, including Finland, Mozambique, Honduras, South Africa and Australia. The greatest population of international students comes from India, Turkey, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan. The new international students also include 15 new exchange students and five new Fulbright Scholars for Graduate level study

Binghamton University will also welcome approximately 100 undergraduate dual diploma students from Turkey who will begin their second year of study in their respective programs. The dual diploma program partners Binghamton with four universities in Turkey and the first students in the new dual diploma management program will join those in the existing programs in information systems, and global and international affairs.

Last Updated: 9/17/13