Grant to help Binghamton University and area police improve sexual assault services


Binghamton University has been awarded a $192,000 grant, to improve the way the campus community and area police respond to victims of sexual assault.  The University’s proposal is one of 31 proposals selected nationwide by the U.S. justice department’s Office on Violence Against Women. 

This grant will provide a more consistent response in aiding the victims of sexual assault by streamlining and coordinating communication between the numerous programs and departments, on and off campus.  This funding will also allow the Binghamton University Counseling Center to hire a full-time sexual assault specialist to coordinate those efforts, which will involve the campus community, Binghamton Police and the Crime Victim’s Assistant Center.

The new sexual assault specialist, which the University plans to hire by early 2005, will also implement and operate educational programs to prevent acts of violence against women and to develop and strengthen treatment services for the victims of sexual assault.

"One major goal of the project is for rape and sexual assault victims to get the same information in a sensitive and complete manner so that they can avail themselves to the services at the university and/or in the community in the treatment and in the justice system, should they choose to do so” according to Elizabeth Droz, director of the University Counseling Center. “Training will also be provided to faculty, staff, administrators, and students in prevention, bystander behavior, and risk reduction”.

Last Updated: 9/17/13