Binghamton University welcomes Turkish dual program students


Binghamton University welcomed its first group of Turkish students as part of a new dual diploma program this fall. For the 2004 – 05 academic year, the University has 27 students from Turkey participating in the program. The students completed the first year of the program at Binghamton University’s partner universities in Turkey and are here as sophomores.

Twelve students are majoring in information systems through the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science and 15 students are majoring in global and international affairs through Harpur College of Arts and Sciences.

The students represent all four of the University’s Turkish partners:

Bilkent University in Ankara

Bogazici (Bosphorus University) in Istanbul

Istanbul Technical University in Istanbul

Middle East Technical University in Ankara

All students are living on campus and are actively engaged in campus life including clubs and sports teams.

Next year, the current group will return to Turkey for the third year of the program and the University campus community will welcome between 150 and 180 new sophomores from Turkey, in part because Binghamton will be adding a dual diploma program in management to the current course offerings.

When the program is at steady state, Binghamton University could have as many as 360 students from Turkey here at a time - half of them sophomores, the other half seniors.

Last Updated: 9/17/13