Oracle® Giving grant supports kids science camp


A grant from the Oracle is helping to support a children’s summer science program at Binghamton University.
The $9,994 grant will provide funding for 35 low-income children to participate in the Kids Explore! camp, an inquiry-based science experience for children in grades 1 to 8.

The camp, which runs August 16 – 20, provides hands-on activities for four age levels along specific scientific themes.

Students work with elementary teachers and Binghamton University staff and faculty in the field and in the lab to explore scientific investigations. Each program is taught by teaching teams, comprised of University staff, area teachers, graduate assistants and high school interns. Areas that are new, or of special interest to students, are investigated through hands-on simulations, demonstrations, lectures, discussion and/or individual or small group investigations.

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The Kids Explore camp is hosted through the Professional Development and Research (PDR) arm of Binghamton University’s School of Education and Human Development, in partnership with the Vestal School Foundation.

For more information, contact PDR at 607-7774447, via e-mail at pdr@binghamton or visit the camp website at

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Last Updated: 9/17/13