Binghamton University hosts fall nature walks


You don't have to travel a long way to see a colorful fall display. You can catch a spectacular show in Binghamton University's Nature Preserve, which offers an array of form and color from a wide diversity of trees and shrubs.

On Saturday, October 11, the University will host a series of moderately paced walks through the Nature Preserve at 1 and 3 p.m. The walks will be guided by members of the Friends of the Nature Preserve, a group of BU students and faculty who provide stewardship, trail maintenance and educational opportunities within the preserve. The walks are free and open to the community.

The walks will feature several options, including guided trails for the serious hiker as well as the afternoon ambler. Participants will visit the boardwalk, a preserve centerpiece, as well as a collection of beaver dams. Serious hikers will tackle some of the more challenging trails such as the Field Trail or the Forest Loop Trail. Trail maps will be available free of charge.

The walks will begin at the upper end of parking lot M on the BU campus. Weekend parking is free. The rain date for the walks is Sunday, October 12 at the same times.

BU’s Nature Preserve was established in 1969 to recognize natural areas on campus and to preserve the area for minimal-impact research and recreation. The approximately 350 acres of natural areas, consisting of 190 acres of designated Nature Preserve and 160 acres of untouched lands, are free and open to all nature lovers. The preserve offers 12 trails, passing though wetlands, shrubland, a grassy field and a wide variety of forest types.

For more information about the walks or the Nature Preserve, contact Dick Andrus at 607-777-2160,, or Julian Shepherd at 607-777-6538, Additional information can also be found at

Last Updated: 9/17/13