Nazi propaganda to be topic of Shoah Remembrance day discussion


Binghamton University will host a discussion on the work of controversial German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 29, in Lecture Hall 6 on the campus. The discussion will be led by James May, who will talk about his life as a young school boy in Nazi Germany and the impact the Nazis’ star filmmaker had on his life.

Riefenstahl was commissioned by the Nazis to film the 1936 Olympic Games “as a song of praise to the ideals of National Socialism.” She employed more than 100 cameramen to shoot 1.5 million feet of film and spent two years in the cutting room to produce what still remains one of the greatest propaganda pieces of all time.

The discussion is being held as part of Shoah Remembrance Day, which commemorates the six million victims of the Holocaust killed by the Nazis during World War II.

The discussion is sponsored by the Harpur College dean’s office, the Department of Judaic Studies, Hillel of Binghamton University, and the German, Russian and East Asian Language department.

For more information, contact Ingeborg Majer O'Sickey at 607-777-3663

Last Updated: 9/17/13