Binghamton University plays host to state physical facilities meeting


Binghamton University’s Physical Facilities department will host the annual conference of the state Physical Plant Administrators Association July 22-24 at the Binghamton Regency.

The conference will draw physical plant administrators from across the state and will center on the theme, “Crossroads: Charting a New Course.” Over 170 registrants, speakers and vendors are expected to attend the conference.

Binghamton University President Lois B. DeFleur will offer opening remarks and R. Wayne Diesel, executive director of the State University Construction Fund, is scheduled to deliver the keynote address.

Conference sessions will focus on several key issues facing physical plant administrators, including a two-part discussion on the development and activation of security and safety master plans. Emergency response planning, which has taken on new meaning and importance since the events of September 11, will also be discussed. The sessions will address how an organization should design and develop plans to suit their facility using three key elements: who should write the plans, what should be done prior to and after an emergency, and how to assign key players to carry out the plan. The presenter is Kevin Cassidy, a security consultant with Janus Associates, a leader in the security and fire safety consulting industry. Following the events of September 11, Cassidy was called upon to chair a number of committees including the New York City Media Security Committee. He has conducted criminal and civil investigations for major Fortune 500 companies and served as vice president of investigations for summit security services in New York City.

The three-day conference will also feature presentations on the EPA Audit Process and a state executive order that requires all state agencies to reduce energy consumption by 35 percent by 2010. Other sessions will focus on how to manage capital using life cycle costing, elevator maintenance management and achieving long-term roofing success.

More information about the conference sessions can be found at facilities.binghamton .edu/Suny_ppaa/index.htm

Last Updated: 9/17/13