Series offered on development opportunities in administration


A series of day-long workshops on professional development in administration is being offered by the Professional Development and Research arm of Binghamton University’s School of Education and Human Development.

Each workshop focuses on a different aspect of how to develop administrative and supervisory skills and meets course requirements for the Certificate in Administration Program.

The workshop schedule and topics are:

• June 12 – Interpersonal Communications within Organizations. This hands-on workshop will focus on enhancing interpersonal skills for effective communication with staff, supervisors and peers.  Utilizing participants' communication challenges, the class will learn how to use advanced listening skills, feedback and confrontation skills, and solution skills to communicate clearly and solve simple and complex interpersonal conflicts within their organizations.

The class will be taught by Karel Kurst-Swanger, assistant professor in the Department of Public Justice at SUNY-Oswego. Kurst-Swanger has also directed human service organizations and worked as a consultant with a number of Southern Tier agencies.
Tuition costs are $120.

• July 18  – Effective Board Development for Not-for-Profits. This participatory workshop will emphasize insight and skill building for managers who expect to work closely with boards of directors of not-for-profit (NFP) organizations. Current and prospective board members will also benefit from this session. Topics will include the purposes and functions of NFP boards, the roles of board members and staff and the elusive line between policy setting and management. Depending on the participants' interests, other board planning areas may be explored, such as agenda planning, committee structures, recruitment and prioritizing.

The class will be taught by Eric J. Lerner, an independent consultant on community and organizational development. Lerner has many years of experience working with community organizations as an agency executive, board member and elected official. He has served as associate director of Cornell University's Community & Rural Development Institute (CaRDI).
Tuition costs are $120.

• August 13 and August 20 – Writing Winning Grant Proposals. This workshop is intended for individuals with limited experience in grant writing. It will focus on the fundamentals of researching funding sources and writing a winning grant proposal. Participants will have the opportunity to work on an actual proposal and share ideas with other participants. Primary among the skills attained will be identifying components of a grant proposal and learning how to express the needs the grant will help meet.

The class will be taught by Allison Alden, director of the Professional Development and Research Division in the School of Education and Human Development at Binghamton University. She has taught for both the Division of Human Development and the Division of Education and has been active for over 15 years in grants administration and grant writing.
Tuition costs are $240.

• September 19 and 20 – Leadership Development. An organization benefits when its administrators have the ability and knowledge to work effectively with the staff--leading, motivating, delegating, and providing them with the means to complete their tasks. Participants in this class will learn these skills through various methods, including the transformational leadership model. They will evaluate their own leadership behaviors, and use this self-assessment as a basis for determining their own leadership self-development plans. Participants will leave with a clearer sense of how inspirational leaders influence workers to perform beyond ordinary expectations.
The class will be taught by Natalie Thompson, owner and principal consultant of Out of the Box Consulting. She has over 12 years experiences with nonprofit organizations.
Tuition costs are $260.

• October 17 – Closing the Ring: Linking Performance, Training, Compensation and Strategic Plans. How should important management concepts like performance, staff development, compensation and strategic planning interact and be linked to form a complete management tool? Through discussion, lecture and group activities, this course will discuss the relationships among these and present a logical format for integrating them.  Specific examples of effective rubrics for evaluation, job evaluation forms and performance-based compensation plans will be shared and discussed. The class will be taught by David J. Karre, MBA, MLS, executive director and chief operating officer of the four county library system. Karre has over 15 years experience in top management positions and has been a visiting lecturer at the State University of New York at Buffalo. 
Tuition costs are $130.

All sessions will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the Binghamton University campus. Continuing Education Units (CEU) are issued after the completion of each workshop. Continuing Professional Education Units for Public Accountancy (CPE) are offered for the Interpersonal Communications and Leadership Development courses and are issued after the completion of each workshop.

For more information, or to register, contact the SEHD Division of Professional Development and Research at 607-777-4447, via e-mail at or on the Web at

Last Updated: 9/17/13