Ross Fund Announces Community Project Grants


BINGHAMTON, NY -- Rehabilitation workshops for individuals with motor impairment, the creation of an interactive garden promoting literacy and a study of the role of music in the workplace have been chosen for this year’s round of funding from the Stephen David Ross University and Community Projects Fund.

Since its inception, the Ross Fund has provided money for creative and innovative cooperative efforts between the University and local non-profit organizations to enhance the quality of life in Greater Binghamton. This year, 16 applications for funding were received and after review by a panel of University and community representatives, three projects will receive a total of $8,586.

Projects to be funded include a partnership between the Departments of Human Development and Social Work in the College of Community and Public Affairs, the School of Education and the Magic Paintbrush Project.  The grant, totaling $4,750, will be used to establish new workshops needed to better support those with physical challenges and to develop appropriate activities, adaptive tools, and training to enable individuals with motor impairments to benefit from The Magic Paintbrush’s many advantages.  The project will provide Binghamton University students with the opportunity to actively participate as student learners in the development and practice of these new tools and techniques.  

A second project links the Junior League of Binghamton and the Binghamton University School of Education.  An award of $2,836 will be given to a project titled “Story Garden's "Green" Learning Initiative.” Funds will be used to develop an interactive garden that promotes literacy and nature, inspire visitors, and encourages environmental awareness.

Another project, titled “History Works! Music CDs” is collaboration between Harpur College of Arts and Science’s History Department and the Center for Technology & Innovation, Inc. A $1,000 grant will be given to explore the role of music in the workplace and labor-management relations while capturing Greater Binghamton’s lyrical spirit and musical traditions.

Applications for funding are reviewed annually and must include a University partner and a community partner. For more information, visit, call 607-777-6927 or email

Last Updated: 9/17/13