Binghamton University film series resumes with lineup of eight movies


The Harpur Cinema Department of Binghamton University will present “Before & After,” a series of eight programs that suggest precedents and original takes from which current films drew inspiration. The series will feature introductions by Binghamton faculty.

The films, which are shown at 7:30 p.m. on Fridays and Sundays in Lecture Hall 6 on the University campus, are open to the public. Single tickets are $4 at the door. Membership to the film society entitles all admittance and is $22 for the general public or $20 for students and seniors.  

The schedule is as follows:

September 25 and 27. Before Terminator Salvation: Metropolis (Fritz Lang)
John Connor has his cyborg enemies, for Freder, it's the powerful Robot Maria, the original heavy metal body, created by the evil Rotwang to put down the revolt of the toiling masses.  One of the first (and greatest) sci-fi epics.  Friday show introduced by Prof. Brian Wall.

October 2 and 4. Before Kill Bill: Branded to Kill (Seijun Suzuki)
Who else would combine yakuzas, flocks of butterflies and flying bullets? Seijun Suzuki out Tarantino's Tarantino at his wildest in this fast-paced, hard-driving, gangster film admired by the director Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Inglorious Bastards.  Friday show introduced by Prof. Joyce Jesionowski.

October 9 and 11. After the New Wave: Les Amours d'Astree & de Celedon (Eric Rohmer)
All love stories are simple...until they get complicated. Two lovers. Disapproving parents.  Misunderstandings, rejections and fears of betrayal...all played out under the amused eye of Eric Rohmer, one of the most astute Cahiers critic and one of the most original directors of the Nouvelle Vague.  Friday show introduced by Prof. Dora Polachek.

October 16 and 18. Special children's program: Azur et Asmar (Michel Ocelot) [NOTE: Sunday screening will be at 2pm.]
Taking his inspiration from medieval illuminations and Arabic art, Ocelot combines cut-out and CGI animation in a work of rare beauty and adventure about two boys who become separated but never forget their enduring friendship. Sunday show introduced by Prof. Ariana Gerstein.

October 30 and November 1. Before Twilight: Nosferatu (F.W. Murnau) & Shadow of the Vampire (E. Elias Mehrige)
Before Edward romanced Bella, the eerie Count Orlock stalked the innocent Ellen...just a movie of course...but what if Murnau inadvertently hired the real Nosferatu instead of an actor to play the part?  Merhige explores that chilling (and sometimes hilarious) premise in Shadow of the Vampire. Halloween double bill!  

November 6 and 8. After Hitchcock: La Fille Coupee en Deux (The Girl Cut in Two) (Claude Chabrol)
Chabrol was inspired by the American "master of suspense," but his own thrillers are cool, stylish and darker reflections on Hitchcock's obsessions with sin, guilt and the pleasures of looking in on things that are none of your business. Friday show introduced by Prof. Chantal Rodais.

November 13 and 15. Before Knocked Up: The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (Preston Sturges)
All Trudy Kockenlocker can remember is that his name was something like "ratzki-watzki" in this hilarious comedy about a young woman with a weakness for soldiers and a town  that has no tolerance for her miraculous pregnancy.  

November 20 and 23. After the New Wave: Les Plages d'Agnes (Agnes Varda)
About now it's getting cold in Binghamton. Time to hit the beach with one of the most charming and idiosyncratic filmmakers of the Nouvelle Vague.  The director of Cleo from 5-7 takes to the wind and waves to reflect on a life of filmmaking. Friday show introduced by Prof. Tom McDonough.

For more information about the film series and Harpur Cinema, call 607-777- 4998. Subscriptions may be purchased by mail or in person at Binghamton University’s Cinema Department Office, located in Student Wing room 203B, or at the admission door.


Last Updated: 9/17/13