Friends of the Nature Preserve

The Friends of the Nature Preserve is a group of Binghamton University faculty, staff and students as well as local community members who care about the future of the remaining natural areas on campus as well as in Broome County. The Friends plan hikes and other events throughout the year to explore the Nature Preserve and learn about its history and ecology. Past hikes have celebrated the full moon, fall colors, the emergence of amphibians in the spring and other seasonal highlights. Other hikes, guided by the Friends, have been aimed at educating the local community about the Preserve. The Friends also serve the important role of habitat management and trail maintenance, from cutting down invasive plants to building boardwalks, putting down wood chips and clearing fallen trees from the trails. The Friends of the Nature Preserve activities are open to anyone who loves nature and will be posted in Events.

For more information and to be added to the e-mail list send an e-mail to Dylan Horvath at

Read more about the Friends here in an article written by Tami Shaloum for BU's Pipe Dream.

NPRegulars (NP Action Heroes)

A subgroup of Friends of the Nature Preserve with a different roster each semester. If you really want to hone your skills with tools, take out your frustration on invasive plants, or just want to be active outside this is for you. Every semester, many join the ranks of the NP action heroes. This is for people who want to work outside every week (or at least most weeks) on a weekday (or days if you are that hardcore.) for usually about two hours. We will work in teams of two or more in invasive species removal, habitat enhancement, or general trail work. E-mail me if you are interested with weekday times you are free.

Nature Preserve Guiding

Get experience in public speaking, add to your resume, or just plain have fun leading kids around the Nature Preserve. Introducing kids to the natural environment is sorely needed in these times. We have several school groups that come to the Nature Preserve, Homecoming and Family weekend tours, and miscellaneous group tours. All of which need enthusiastic guides showing their love of nature. I will train anyone who wants to participate, so you won’t be out there feeling like you have nothing to say. But, of course, you can share your own knowledge as well.
If you want to do some guiding, e-mail with a schedule of times you are free since most of the school groups come during the weekday mornings.

Specialized Opportunities:

There are various odd jobs that anyone can take on if you want to specialize in doing one thing, work independently, or commit time in a more sporadic fashion. Some examples are:

  1. Bird Box Tech
  2. Trail Sign Creator
  3. Boardwalk Building and Repair
  4. Trail Trimming
  5. Waterbar Digging
  6. Scouting trailwork or wildlife
What would you like to do??

Nature Preserve Advocacy Group


Last Updated: 7/8/14