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Eric Coker
Dateline Editor

To submit items to "Dateline" or Inside send mail to:

Dateline Policy

Dateline is a daily electronic news service for University faculty and staff. It is intended to provide information related to the campus in a timely, concise and accessible manner. Because it is an electronic system that can be accessed and retrieved at the readers' convenience through e-mail or on the Web, every effort is made to avoid repetitive announcements.

Announcements should be short and concise and will be subject to editing. If more information is available on the Web, appropriate links will be listed. Names and numbers of contact people who can provide additional information should be noted on all submissions. If possible, items should be sent via e-mail to

Edited items will appear on Dateline as they arrive and as deemed appropriate. Announcements published three weeks in advance may be published again (usually two weeks later) as a reminder, if judged appropriate. As a rule, regular paragraph-style announcements will not be repeated in the same week or in consecutive weeks unless they are deemed to be of significant import to the campus community as to outweigh other considerations.

In addition to the brief descriptions submitted to Dateline, event sponsors should also enter items to the University's electronic Web-based calendar. That will ensure that the event will appear in the Dateline calendar the day before and the day of the event, as well as in Inside BU. For information on how to submit items to the events calendar, contact Katie Ellis at 777-2175.

Dateline items are posted daily on the Web and are forwarded to Inside BU for publication if appropriate.

Dateline additions will be sent out only for items requiring immediate attention and must be approved.

FYI Policy

The FYI section of Dateline is intended for less formal campus announcements, including campus equipment exchanges and retirement or good-bye parties. Announcements will be posted for a week. Off-campus events can be publicized only if there is a strong University connection using the following guidelines:

  1. No commercial products will be posted.
  2. Fundraising announcements and calls for volunteers must be sponsored by a campus group. No individual initiatives will be included.
  3. Only events which have University participants will be announced and the nature of the University participation must be included i.e. off-campus faculty art exhibit.

To submit items to "Dateline" or "Inside" send mail to:

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Last Updated: 6/17/11