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New UUP form aims to improve evaluation compliance

By : Sarah Lifshin

United University Professions and human resources officials have introduced a new employee evaluation form, which they hope will increase the compliance rate for completion of the annual evaluation process.

The form, introduced last summer, replaced the former evaluation tool and now provides additional space for comments and more guidance. It is used to help determine discretionary salary increases, promotions and permanent appointments, said Fran Goldman, UUP?s vice president for professionals.

"We've talked about a new form for a long time," Goldman said. "Our goal is to get our compliance rate for professionals up. It is not at a level we would like to see."

The new form will also not only make the evaluation process easier but allow for better communication between workers and supervisors, said Sylvia Hall, the University's director of human resources. It also provides more guidance to the reviewer.

"Giving feedback is not something people always love to do," Hall said. "So, when we were creating the form, we went to the employees and supervisors and asked them what they think should be included in it."

Goldman and Hall said the form was updated after a focus group under the direction of the Center for Quality determined it did not allow a reviewer to be as descriptive as needed. Past versions only allowed for a narrow evaluation targeting specifically bad and good comments.

Not completing the evaluation is unfair to the employee but also violates UUP's contract with SUNY. "Not doing it doesn't give them any sense of where they are and if they are doing a good job," Goldman said. "It gives the opportunity for growth and addresses issues maybe of concern to the supervisor or supervisee."

"They need to know if they are meeting the expectations the supervisor is setting and the only way to do that is through a dialogue," Goldman said. "The evaluation process creates a mechanism for that dialogue."

Session on new form offered

Human Resources and United University Professions will offer three brown bag sessions to share information about the new performance evaluation form for UUP professionals. Both UUP members and their supervisors are invited to attend.

Sessions will take place at noon, October 2 in PSPC-E/F, October 7 in PSPC-C and October 16 in PSPC-E.

Information will be provided on how to use and access the form, when and how people should be evaluated, why performance programs and evaluations are important, and how to get questions answered on employees rights and the evaluation process. Fran Goldman, UUP vice president for professionals, and Sylvia Hall, director of human resources, will co-host the sessions.
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Last Updated: 10/14/08