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Faculty Senate allows AP credits to satisfy lab service requirements

By : Katie Ellis

A resolution to allow Advanced Placement credits to satisfy laboratory service requirements in biology, chemistry and environmental science was approved by Faculty Senate at its Tuesday meeting.

According to the resolution, the AP score must be three or better and the student must have a passing grade in the high school course and approval by a University faculty member of documentation of the laboratory activities.

The change applies to all students who are subject to the current General Education requirements.

Eugene Stevens, professor of chemistry, said approving the resolution would be very useful for students. “These students are really very motivated and the high school teachers are very dedicated,” Stevens said. “This motion is a very reasonable one.”

Ralph Miller, distinguished professor of psychology, also spoke in favor of the resolution. “I’m concerned about insisting on redundancy in making these students take lab a second time,” Miller said.

The senate also approved a document that will be included in the Handbook for Faculty and Professional Staff.

The “Statement of Goals, Principles and Responsibilities for Undergraduate Education at Binghamton University” essentially lays out what the faculty think undergraduate education should be at Binghamton, said Randall McGuire, professor of anthropology and chair of the committee that produced the report.

“This document can be as compelling as we want it to be because this body controls the curriculum and needs a statement about what that involves,” he said.
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Last Updated: 10/14/08