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Student clubs enliven campus

By : Dania Zalen

Student Clubs Pictures

Without student clubs, there’d be no Carnival, no cultural banquets, no informal athletic leagues. It’s not a pretty picture. “Student groups bring campus life alive,” said David Hagerbaumer, director of campus life. “They’re a way for us to display our University’s commitment to diversity, multiculturalism and wellness.”

The variety of student groups helps prospective students see that there are many places for them to fit in, Hagerbaumer said. Binghamton University boasts 181 Student Association-chartered organizations, 72 more than the University at Albany’s 109. Roughly 3,000 Binghamton University students belong to these groups, said Mike Smyth, SA president. Smyth calculated the total budget of these groups as $500,000.

“Student clubs and organizations are campus life,” Smyth said, “When students come to Binghamton, this is very appealing.” From ballroom dancing to WHRW radio, Binghamton has a range of student groups that cater to various interests and values. And every year, students create new clubs.

“We offer a connection between the students and the community,” said Stefanie Wolf, programming director for WHRW. “We give those who opt to be disc jockeys the technical knowledge of radio engineering, as well as a ‘stage presence’ a means to publicly speak and make themselves heard without the need of actually facing an audience.”

Dan Isaacs, vice president of the Mock Trial Club, said his organization also helps participants develop skills that may come in handy later on.

“Group members build confidence in their career focus, public speaking skills, understanding of the law, acting skills, and they also get to have a great time,” Isaacs said.
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Last Updated: 10/14/08