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XCELSIOR Awards presented

The following awards were given May 4 by The XCEL Center and the Student Association at the 2006 XCELSIOR Awards.

Media Awards

Outstanding Article of the Year: Chris Strub of Pipe Dream, “Don’t Judge Athletes by their Sweatshirts.”

Outstanding Issue of the Year: Caribbean Student Association, “Perspectives.”

Outstanding Broadcast of the Year: BTV, “The BS Show.”

Media Organization of the Year: Pipe Dream.

Outstanding Non-executive Board Member of the Year

Academic/Pre-Professional Organizations: Lee Ritholtz, IEEE.

Student/Community Government: Eric Katz, Student Assembly.

Cultural and Ethnic Organizations: Caryn Goldstein, Hillel/JSU.

Media Organizations: Benjamin Spier, BTV.

Political Organizations: Brendan Monahan, College Democrats.

Service/Community Issues Organization: Jade Gardener, JUMP Nation.

Business Organizations: Matthew Karpowich, Escape.

Religious Organizations: Oren Farber, Chabad House.

Music/Dance/Entertainment Organization: Andrea Wong, UPB.

Overall: Ryan Wilichinsky, Student Assembly.

Outstanding Program/Special Event

Student/Community Government: Chenango Hall Council, Coming Out Week.

Cultural and Ethnic Organizations: BSU, Bobby Seale Program.

Music/Dance/Entertainment Organizations: X-Fact’r, Step Show.

Service/Community Issues Organizations: JUMP Nation, JUMP Weekend.

Academic/Pre-Professional Organizations: Bert Mitchell Minority Management Organization.

Political Organizations: Informed Voters Foundation, Mayoral Debate.

Religious Groups: Three Angels Message, “Pull Over, You’re DWG.”

Business Organizations: SIFE, “Local Celebrity.”

Athletic/Recreational/Social Groups: Taste Buds, Chocolate Festival

Overall: BSSI, “Gahnaian Gala”

Outstanding Community Service

Cultural/Ethnic Organizations: Black Student Union.

Music/Dance/Entertainment Organizations: X-Fact’r.

Service and Community Issues Organizations: Circle K.

Religious Organizations: Chabad House, Mitzvah Marathon.

Political Group: College Democrats. Academic/Pre-Professional Organizations: NSBE.

Business Organizations: SIFE.

Overall: Habitat for Humanity.

Fundraising Effort of the Year

Academic/Pre-Professional Organizations: Speech and Debate Team.

Student/Community Government: CIW Council, Casino-in-the-Woods.

Cultural/Ethnic Organizations: ASO and Assabeel, Katrina Relief.

Religious Organizations: Chabad.

Business Groups: Food Co-op.

Service/Community Issues Organizations: JUMP Nation.

Music/Dance/Entertainment Organizations: UPB, Relay for Life.

Overall: SIFE, Katrina Relief.

Promotion of Intercultural Understanding

Cultural/Ethnic Organizations: Caribbean Student Association.

Religious Organizations: Chabad House, Purim Carnival.

Music/Dance/Entertainment Organization: UPB.

Political Group: College Democrats.

Student/Community Government Organizations: SA VPMA Office, ICA.

Service/Community Issues Organizations: JUMP Nation.

Business Organizations: OCCT.

Academic/Pre-Professional Organizations: NSBE.

Overall: SA VPMA Office.

Most Improved Organization

Academic/Pre-Professional Organizations: Pre-Veterinary Society.

Business Organizations: SIFE.

Cultural/Ethnic Organization: Irish Student Union.

Media Organizations: BTV.

Music/Dance/Entertainment Organizations: X-Fact’r.

Service/Community Issues Organizations: BSSI.

Athletic/Recreational/Social Organizations: Imagination Craft Works.

Overall: Irish Student Union.

Lecture/Educational Program

Academic/Pre-Professional Groups: NSBE, Professionalism Program.

Student/Community Government: Chenango Hall Council, Coming Out Week.

Cultural/Ethnic Organizations: BSU, Bobby Seale Program.

Hillel/JSU: Kristallnacht Program.

Political Organizations: Informed Voters Association, Mayoral Debate.

Service/Community Issues Groups: Red Cross Club, Pakistan Memorial.

Business Organizations: SIFE, Money Muscle.

Athletic/Recreational/Social Organizations: Taste Buds, “Learn to Cook.”

Religious Groups: Three Angels Message, “Truth Behind Hip Hop.”

Overall: BAMS, “Interfaith Forum.”

Student Organization Leader of the Year

Athletic/Recreational/Social Organizations: Tina Chiu, Taste Buds.

Academic/Pre-Professional Groups: Sabrina Guadeloupe, Bert Mitchell.

Student/Community Government: Florina Getman, Student Association.

Cultural/Ethnic Organizations: Jeffrey Teitelbaum, Hillel/JSU.

Media Organizations: Michael Borress, Pipe Dream.

Music/Dance/Entertainment Organizations: Patrick Craig, UPB.

Service/Community Issues Organizations: Julia Gallus, Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross Club.

Religious Organizations: Jeremy Zenilman, Chabad House.

Political Organizations: Kristina Reintamm, College Democrats.

Business Organizations: Bertrand Gervais, SIFE.

Overall: Teitelbaum.

Outstanding Student Organization

Academic/Pre-Professional Organizations: Speech and Debate Team.

Athletic/Social/Recreational Organizations: Taste Buds.

Business Organizations: SIFE. Cultural/Ethnic Organizations: ASO and Assabeel.

Media Organizations: Pipe Dream.

Music/Dance/Entertainment Organizations: X-Fact’r.

Political Organizations: College Democrats.

Service and Community Issues Organizations: BSSI.

Student/Community Government: Hinman College Council.

Religious Organizations: Three Angels Message.

Overall: BSSI.

SA Program of the Semester

Fall 2005: SIFE, Katrina Relief. Spring 2006: BSU, Bobby Seale.

Outstanding New Organization:

Collegiate Association for Research of the Principal (CARP).

Mary Richardson Award: University Programming Board.

Michael V. Boyd Awards: Orlando Harris; Kappa Phi Lambda.

Paul J. Battaglia Student Leader of the Year Memorial Award: Jeffrey Teitelbaum, Hillel/JSU.

Fraternity/Sorority Excellence in Scholarship Program: Delta Chi.

Fraternity/Sorority Chapter Community Service

IFC: Alpha Sigma Phi.

MGFC: Sigma Lambda Gamma.

NPHC: Zeta Phi Beta.

Panhellenic: Delta Phi Epsilon.

AGC: Kappa Phi Lambda.

LGC: Omega Phi Beta.

Fraternity/Sorority Best in Council

NPHC: Zeta Phi Beta.

MGFC: Sigma Lambda Gamma.

AGC: Pi Delta Psi.

Panhellenic: Phi Sigma Sigma.

LGC: Omega Phi Beta.

IFC: Alpha Sigma Phi.

Fraternity Man of the Year: Richard Reynoso, Lambda Upsilon Lambda.

Sorority Woman of the Year: Kerry Connolly, Phi Sigma Sigma.

Fraternity/Sorority Chapter of the Year: Alpha Sigma Phi.

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