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Indian student finds success in the snow

Graduate student Kaushik Sangameswaran is getting an education at Binghamton, not only in electrical and computer engineering but also in cold weather and independent living.

Sangameswaran, 24, arrived in Binghamton in 2005 from Bangalore, India. It was January and there was snow on the ground, the first he had ever seen. “It was snowing heavily,” he recalled.

Sangameswaran, who was ranked 1,400 out of 100,000 high school students in his region of India, attended the prestigious People’s Education Society Institute of Technology in Bangalore, where he studied telecommunications.

A last-minute decision to apply to American schools brought him to the U.S. with little idea of what to expect.“

The campus, program, everything is great,” said Sangameswaran, who lives in Binghamton. “Coming here and learning in the U.S. is very different than in India. You’ve got to work and study, do all the assignments, you have a lot more individuality. You have to do all the work yourself, including cleaning the dishes and cleaning your room. I never used to have to do that at home.”

His thesis centers on how a brain recognizes an object. He’s working on an algorithm modeled on the brain to be put into hardware and tested on different platforms.

Sangameswaran also works for the University’s Webmaster, Libby Graves. “I have to be careful that I don’t take advantage,” Graves said, “as he always goes above and beyond the expectations of any project, never says no.” Sangameswaran hopes to work in the United States for a few years after receiving his master’s degree in the spring. After that, he expects to return home to India, where his parents and younger sister still live. His father, a business-man, hopes he’ll start his own company one day.
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Last Updated: 10/14/08