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University branding program debuts

This ad is one of two that are part of the University's branding initiative.

This week the University launched a key part of a branding program designed to raise awareness of Binghamton University and its achievements.

Beginning April 10, a flight of ads about Binghamton University began appearing in targeted executive and news magazines in the greater New York City market.

“Binghamton has grown so much and achieved such outstanding acclaim. Yet public perception has not caught up with the excellence of our faculty, research programs, students and alumni achievements,” said Marcia Craner, vice president for external affairs. “We need to raise our profile to compete effectively for faculty, students and funding support.”

The ads are targeted to reach influential executives and leaders.

“The leaders who read these magazines are people who influence others,” said Chris Ritter, associate vice president for communications and marketing. “Our strategy is to make them more knowledgeable about the remarkable education, research  and scholarship at Binghamton.”

The overall branding program will focus on the spirit of inquiry, discovery and achievement at Binghamton University, and was developed with broad input from the University.

“Our branding program provides the opportunity to deliver focused messages about the University. That way we are more efficient and effective in all our communications,” Ritter said. “We could not have accomplished this without the input and assistance of dozens upon dozens of people across campus who participated in this initiative. I’m particularly grateful to Marcia Craner and Sandra Starke, who were instrumental in steering this effort.”

Two ads were created for the spring program. One will focus on the University’s reputation and the other on research.

They will be punctuated with the theme line, “Never stop questioning.” The theme was among six creative options tested with audiences such as campus groups, prospective students and their parents, alumni and business executives.

“The spirit of inquiry and discovery has been part of the fabric of Binghamton University from its first days,” Ritter said. “It is a theme and experience that rings true across generations of our alumni and supporters and with prospective students and their parents.”

Ritter said executive leaders responded positively to the theme as well. “They want employees and partners who question, innovate and take smart risks,” he noted.
The ads will appear in seven executive and four news magazines.

“Nowadays you can target audiences and markets very efficiently,” Ritter said. “We’re able to reach readers who subscribe to high-interest magazines and value the content. It’s a superb environment for our messages.”

A Web “microsite” expanding on the brand messages can be seen at

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Last Updated: 10/14/08