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Freshmen boast strong academic skills

More than 3,000 new students packed their cars and made their way to campus last week for the new academic year.

In welcoming the students, President Lois B. DeFleur noted: “We are excited to welcome these bright, talented students to our campus.  I know they will be successful both in their college programs and beyond as recent data from reveals that Binghamton graduates rank in the top earners among all U.S. public colleges.”
The new students include approximately 2,400 freshmen and about 730 transfer students.

The University received a record 30,305 applications, a 4.5 percent increase from fall 2007. This includes 26,592 freshman applications and 3,713 transfer applications.  Binghamton accepted 39 percent of freshman applications, making the University one of the most selective schools in the nation. On average, only 3 percent of colleges nationwide accept fewer than 50 percent of their applicant pool.

For many new students, the first day at a university can create anxieties. But students and parents alike praised the moving-in process, particularly the campus assistance.
“It’s so organized,” said Ellen Berman of Bergen County, N.J., who was helping her daughter, Stephanie, move into Bingham Hall. “You have 3,000 kids here at the same time — the signs clearly point to where to go.”

David McDonald of Grahamsville in Sullivan Count

Freshman Pam Schultz of Long Island checks in with the assistance of Justina DeMott, a resident assistant in Bingham Hall. The building, part of Newing College, is scheduled to be demolished next year.
y watched with his mother, Lynn, as his belongings were loaded into a cart and large Rubbermaid container to go into Cayuga Hall.

“It’s pretty easy,” he said.

Lynn agreed: “I expected it to be chaotic, but it hasn’t been that way at all.”

Moving-in day also made a good impression on Natalie Feldsine of Pine Plains, who waited for her turn to enter Onondaga Hall.

“I’m pleasantly surprised,” she said, adding that she expected less help and control. “It’s been a bit easier In the Graduate School, for a second year in a row, applications are up by 14 percent.  Top choices for Binghamton University graduate students include nursing, public administration, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, accounting, business administration, chemistry, materials science, economics and the SPEL (social, political, ethical and legal) philosophy program.

Nancy Stamp, dean of the Graduate School, noted, “Interest in graduate degrees, especially master’s degrees, is increasing as people realize that a bachelor’s degree is no longer enough to ensure career success and flexibility.”

The Class of 2012 boasts some of the most impressive academic credentials of any Binghamton class ever. The entering class has an average SAT score of 1274 and an average high school GPA of

Freshman Justin James, his father, George, his mother, Celia, his grandmother Corelie, left, and his 13-year-old sister Janelle, not pictured, unpack James’ belongings in his Broome Hall room.
93.2. The mean GPA for entering transfers is 3.4.

“Binghamton is on the rise not only with our national reputation but with the quality of students it attracts,” said Sandra Starke, vice provost for enrollment management.

About 16 percent of the total incoming class are out-of-state students. Of the 84 percent of students hailing from New York state, 22 percent are from Long Island, 20 percent from New York City and 9 percent from Westchester and Rockland counties. About 29 percent are from upstate and western New York. Nearly 7 percent of new students come from Broome or Tioga counties.

A record number of new international students have joined the campus community this fall. Binghamton University expects about 520 new international students, representing over 50 countries, including Burkina Faso, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Finland, Jordan, Kenya, Nepal, New Zealand and Zimbabwe, will add to the University’s community.

The greatest population of international students comes from Turkey, South Korea, India, China, Taiwan and Japan.

Binghamton University also welcomes about 219 undergraduate dual-diploma students from Turkey, of whom 130 are returning as seniors, while 89 begin their sophomore year.

The dual-diploma program partners Binghamton with four universities in Turkey. Participants pursue studies in management, information systems and global and international affairs.

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Last Updated: 10/14/08