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Filmmaker’s journey now stars Binghamton

Eliane Lima Ceballos arrived in the United States from Brazil on New Year’s Eve 1999. She decided to renew her love of filmmaking after moving to Binghamton as a single mother in 2007.

“After a while, I realized I should try again and give it my last shot,” said Ceballos, 41, who lived in Bridgeport, Conn., Yonkers, Queens and Middletown before starting at Binghamton University.

Ceballos is now an undergraduate majoring in cinema and making films based on lessons learned in Brazil.

“The investigation of life is what cinema is about,” she said. “My work in cinema started with philosophy, which is completely related to life. … Everything I do is related to what I learned from my Brazilian philosopher friends.”

Ceballos spent 13 years working backstage production in Brazil before meeting philosopher Claudio Ulpiano in 1995. Ulpiano encouraged her to quit her job and pursue her lifelong ambition of getting into academic life and studying cinema. Ceballos received the equivalent of an associate’s degree and attended film workshops in Cuba, New York City and throughout Brazil.

Ceballos, who describes her work as “very experimental” and inspired by Maya Deren and David Lynch, has short films online at MySpace and Facebook. She continues to evolve as a filmmaker at Binghamton, she said, learning more about camera work and new editing technology.

“Being here is a gift,” she said. “The program here is experimental and it’s something I’m into. The professors are wonderful. They’re all artists and I love their work.”

Ceballos is now working on a film called Albertine starring Binghamton students. Filming will be completed this semester and Ceballos will edit it in the fall. She also intends to stay in school until spring 2010, as she builds not only her film portfolio, but confidence in her English. Ceballos then hopes to take summer graduate classes while caring for a daughter who is now 5. She eventually wants to teach cinema.

“I want to stay in the academic environment,” she said. “That’s my dream now. You can do your film work while being a teacher and sharing things with people and helping them.”

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Last Updated: 10/14/08