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Previous Questions from 2004:

December 15, 2004
Why do we get "brain freeze"?

December 08, 2004
Question: Why is it that chewing gum doesen't melt or even burn very well when put into an open fire (like a campfire)?

November 30, 2004
We've discovered that various types of radioactive particles produced during radioactive decay affect molecules in the cells/tissues of our bodies. How are those molecules affected and what does that do to the cell/tissue?

November 23, 2004
What causes a lunar eclipse and what causes the reddish color to appear on the moon?

November 18, 2004
Why is it that when you're going to sleep sometimes your leg or arm will suddenly twitch and wake you up?

November 10, 2004
How is DNA used to help solve crimes?

October 26, 2004
What is an itch and why do you get them?

October 19, 2004
If you could get the temperature of a substance down to absolute zero, what would happen to it?

October 12, 2004
Why do meteor showers happen?

October 07, 2004
How was the sun formed?

September 29, 2004
What exactly do the letters mean in the formula e = mc2? How does this formula apply to every day life?

September 22, 2004
If red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are the colors of white light, then how come when you mix the colors together you get black?

September 02, 2004
Can you really clone a person and an animal?

May 19, 2004
Why doesn't the atmosphere fly away into space?

May 12, 2004
Why Does Magnet Makes Color on TV?

May 06, 2004
Why are there few, if any, thunderstorms in the winter?

April 29, 2004
What makes birds fly? Is it the stuff on their feathers?

April 22, 2004
Were there dinosaurs living in the Binghamton area in ancient times?

April 15, 2004
How can a world so complex stay so stable and not just fall apart?

April 07, 2004
What kind of carbon is used in scent-lock suits for hunting?

April 01, 2004
Is there an end to the universe. If so, what is it made of and what is on the other side of the barrier?

March 25, 2004
Why do superconductors allow electric current to pass through them?

March 15, 2004
If a person has a bucket with water in it and they swing it around with their arm, what shape does the water take? Is it flat to the bottom of the bucket, or is it tilted to the side since there are two forces pulling at it?

March 08, 2004
Why does a car, a race car and a big truck makes the noises they do? Do you think the noises are cool? I do!

March 01, 2004
Why is it when two gas elements such as hydrogen and oxygen are combined, they create a liquid?

February 22, 2004
How do earthquakes start? Where do they form? How do they end?

February 15, 2004
Is there any way that individuals can test and verify pollution in their homes caused by toxic spills without a lot of expense?

February 02, 2004
How was the Earth created?

January 25, 2004
When did the first living creatures appear on Earth?

January 18, 2004
Who invented the first computer?

January 02, 2004
If a substance that contains the same type of atoms is an element, why is a diamond called diamond and not carbon?

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