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Previous Questions from 2005:

December 21, 2005
Why not create a manmade magnetic field or core that would act as a second layer under the ozone layer or at least a patch to make it stronger and keep radiation from reaching the earth?

December 14, 2005
Why can't fish breathe out of water?

December 07, 2005
Why does helium float?

November 30, 2005
Why exactly does it hurt when aluminum comes into contact with fillings in teeth?

November 24, 2005
Why can't chickens fly like birds?

November 16, 2005
How many galaxies are there and will NASA ever explore them all?

November 09, 2005
Why does the sun darken your skin, but lighten your hair?

November 02, 2005
Why do amphibians need to be moist?

October 26, 2005
How many more planets will there be?

October 19, 2005
Why do leaves change color in the fall and why don't they stay green all year long?

October 05, 2005
Why do fingernails grow faster than toenails?

September 29, 2005
What is the most endangered species?

September 21, 2005
How long does it take for most garbage to decay and can it be used for fertilizer?

September 14, 2005
Who invented space travel?

June 16, 2005
How do you get an infection?

June 09, 2005
How come owls can turn their heads farther than us?

June 02, 2005
If the polar ice caps melted because of global warming, would the whole earth flood?

May 19, 2005
Do the rest of the planets in the universe have cores made out of iron and nickel?

May 12, 2005
If the sun comes too close to the black hole will people really have to start a new world on Mars?

April 28, 2005
How did the ring of fire form?

April 22, 2005
I would like to know how they found DNA and who came up with it?

April 15, 2005
Why can't penguins fly?

April 07, 2005
What causes one to hic-cup and why doesn't it stop easily?

March 29, 2005
Is there a way that the weird fish at the deepest parts of the ocean will ever be discovered?

March 21, 2005
Why doesn't water smell?

March 11, 2005
What is earwax and why does it form?

March 04, 2005
What causes birth defects?

February 25, 2005
Will they ever find a cure for cancer?

February 18, 2005
To date has evolution been proven to be fact or a theory?

February 02, 2005
Why do we only have one moon?

January 26, 2005
Why do men go bald and women do not?

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