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Previous Questions from 2006:

December 22, 2006
Why does blood turn red when oxygen gets to it?

December 15, 2006
Why isn't Pluto a planet anymore?

December 08, 2006
How does the human body work?

December 01, 2006
Are we losing our wetlands and how fast are we losing them?

November 29, 2006
What is thunder?

November 22, 2006
How are seashells made?

November 15, 2006
Why don't offspring have all their parents inherited traits?

November 08, 2006
Why do you float better in salt water then you would in a pool?

November 01, 2006
Why is tree bark brown?

October 22, 2006
How can you predict when a volcano is going to erupt?

October 15, 2006
How many different types of wolves are there?

October 01, 2006
Why does water stop hiccups?

September 28, 2006
Why are we so much smarter than anything else?

September 22, 2006
Why do People Die?

September 06, 2006
What makes the world go round?

June 14, 2006
How does the human heart work?

June 07, 2006
How come some snakes could kill people?

May 31, 2006
I understand that the polar bear is being placed on the list of species threatened with extinction. How many polar bears were there 100 years ago and what are their reproduction abilities in the wild and captivity?

May 25, 2006
Why do cats purr?

May 18, 2006
What makes aspirin thin your blood?

May 11, 2006
Where could people go if the Earth became uninhabitable...?

April 21, 2006
What kind of matter is fire?

April 14, 2006
What makes some clouds dark?

April 07, 2006
Why do people get fat by not eating too much but by eating junk all day?

March 27, 2006
Why is the human body the way it is, as in shape and form?

March 16, 2006
Why do dogs see in black and white?

March 09, 2006
Why does deep water appear to be blue, when water is clear?

March 02, 2006
How do stars get their light?

February 23, 2006
Why do male sea horses have babies?

February 15, 2006
Why does soap float in water?

February 08, 2006
Why are people different?

February 01, 2006
What is hair made of?

January 25, 2006
Why do waves on the ocean approach the coastline at an angle?

January 18, 2006
How do jet engines work?

January 11, 2006
Why don't wolves bark?

January 04, 2006
If you had identical twin guys and identical twin girls and they had kids, would their kids look the same?

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