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Passion for the environment spurs student to succeed

"I want to write books for children and adults that are entertaining and accessible and get research to the public," says Kristen Randall, who has already designed curriculum for second-graders to study environmental issues.
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Experts List


Julian Shepherd
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Physiology (especially reproduction); behavior and ecology of arthropods; sperm maturation, activation, and motility, and the function and fate of sperm in the female reproductive tract

Dale Madison
Professor of Biological Sciences
Natural history of amphibians; herpetological conservation biology, emphasizing the establishment of aquatic and upland buffer zones

Peter Donovick
Professor of Psychology
Brain injuries; learning disabilities; neuropsychology; aging and dementia, incarcerated persons, the neuropsychology of compassion, neuropsychocological aspects of health and illness, and the neurocognitive consequences of bilingualism

Sandra Michael
SUNY Distinguished Service Professor of Biological Sciences
General developmental and evolutionary; Polycystic ovary disease and ovarian cancer

Thomas Head
Professor Emeritus of Math Sciences
General talks on formal aspects of DNA/protein "information processing" Including Headís model of "splicing formalism"; Computing with biomolecules

Julian Shepherd
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Insects, birds, natural history, tropical ecology and conservation; Reproductive physiology of insects and arachnids

David Sloan Wilson
Professor of Biological Sciences
Evolution and religion; teaching evolutionary studies; nature of individual differences; theoretical biology

Anthony Fiumera
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Evolution, genetics, genomics, genotype-phenotype, sexual selection, conservation
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Last Updated: 6/22/10