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Not a nameless face

Perhaps calling Stacey Daniel driven is an understatement. A 2004 graduate of Binghamton, she earned her bachelor's degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Law (PPL) and master's degree in the Philosophy Graduate Program in Social, Political, Ethical, and Legal Philosophy (SPEL) — in just four years.
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Experts List

Health Issues/Fitness

Gary James
Director of Institute for Primary and Preventative Health Care
Hypertension; Allostasis; Modernization & Chronic Disease Stress and Disease Development; Ambulatory Blood Pressure; Catecholamines and Cortisol; Smoking Cessation

Gary Truce
Professor of Health and Wellness Studies
Psychophysiological Awareness; Health, Human Behavior and Society

Joyce Ferrario
Dean & Professor of Decker School of Nursing
Aging and Mental Health; Depression in the Elderly

Alice Friedman
Associate Professor of Psychology
Anorexia Nervosa; Bulimia; Psychotherapy; Childhood Cancer

Stephen Lisman
Distinguished Teaching Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training
Mental Health; Ethics and Psychologists, Alcoholism, Alcohol and Behavior; Behavior Therapy; Psychopathology

Mary Ann Swain
Professor in Decker School of Nursing
Stress; Social Support; Health and Illness; Lifetime Development

Richard Pastore
Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology
Deafness; Effects of noise; Hearing; Auditory perception; Cognition and Attention; Human Factors

Gale Spencer
Distinguished Teaching Professor in Decker School of Nursing; Decker Chair in Community Health Nursing
HIV epidemic; AIDS; Domestic Violence;Dating Violence;Teen Risk Behaviors

Linda Spear
Distinguished Professor of Psychology
Stress and Health; Behavioral Neuroscience; Psychopharmacology of Development, with a particular emphasis on Neurobehavioral Function during Adolescence

Pamela Stewart Fahs
Decker Chair in Rural Health Nursing; Professor in Decker School of Nursing
Stress and Family Relations; Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Rural Women and Stroke Education among Rural Populations; Women's Health; Women's Cardiovascular Risk Factors; Cerebral Vascular Accident (Stroke)

Ralph Garruto
Professor of Anthropology; Director of BU Serum Archive Facility
Epidemics; Disease; Epidemiology and Human Population Biology; Environmental Biology and Biodiversity; Bionutrition; Aging and Genetics
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Last Updated: 6/22/10