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"Best of both worlds" for former student-athlete

Some people may be intimidated by the work involved with graduating a year early, playing a sport and being president of the School of Management’s scholar’s program. Brendan McGovern knew that he was up for the challenge.
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Experts List


Sean Massey
Assistant Professor of CCPA Human Development
Gay-, lesbian-, bisexual- and transgender-affirmative psychology; Gay and Lesbian Parents; Psychology of Prejudice, Attitudes, Self and Identity; Queer theory

Brandon Gibb
Associate Professor of Psychology
Vulnerability to Depression in Children and Adults; Cognitive vulnerability-Stress models of depression; Childhood emotional maltreatment; Suicide; Developmental Psychopathology

Richard Pastore
Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology
Deafness; Effects of noise; Hearing; Auditory perception; Cognition; Attention; Human factors

Cynthia Connine
Professor of Psychology; Director of CaPS
Speech perception; Sentence processing; Auditory word recognition; Psychology of Reading; Psycholinguistics (the intersection of psychology and linguistics); Phonological representations in reading, Bi-lingual speech perception, Non-literal language processing; Cross-language processing

Meredith Coles
Associate Professor of Psychology
Nature and treatment of anxiety in adults and children, particularly social phobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD); Role of Information-processing biases (e.g., memory, interpretation) in anxiety; Cognitive-behavioral treatment of social phobia and OCD

Alice Friedman
Associate Professor of Psychology
Psychological adjustment in young children and behavioral medicine/pediatric psychology; fears, anxiety and coping in healthy children and those faced with challenges associated with medical illness; the efficacy of behavioral strategies for increasing health related behaviors in young children; examining the impact of specialty camps on children with medical illness and their families; exploring the relationships among affect/emotionality and academic achievement/coping with challenges.

Peter Gerhardstein
Associate Professor of Psychology
Infant visual perception; Attention and Memory

Matthew Johnson
Associate Professor of Psychology
Martial and Family development; Marriage; Divorce; Family communication

Donald Levis
Professor of Psychology
Psychotherapy; Post traumatic stress; Behavior Therapy; Psychodiagnosis practicum; Community psychology practicum; Clinical psychology

Stephen Lisman
Distinguished Teaching Professor of Psychology & Director of Clinical Training
Clinical Psychology; Psychopathology; Techniques of Behavior Change; Alcoholism

Ralph Miller
Distinguished Professor of Psychology & Director of Graduate Studies
Information processing in animals; Animal cognition; Consciousness and free will; Parapsychology; The Mind-body problem: Implications for Psychosomatic Illness

Raymond Romanczyk
Director of Institute for Child Development
Binghamton University's Children's Unit for Learning Disabilities and Children's Unit for Treatment and Evaluation; Autism Spectrum Disorders; Attention Deficit and Learning Disabilities; Applied Behavior Analysis; Behavior Therapy; Technology Application to Human Services; Large Scale Service Delivery Systems

Gary Truce
Professor of Health and Wellness Studies
Parapsychology; Hypnotism and Mind control: Mind control in our daily lives; Power and programming of the Mind

Lisa Savage
Professor of Psychology & Behavioral Neuroscience Graduate Coordinator
Memory organization; Memory systems; Learning and Memory; Brain-behavioral Relationships

Norman Spear
Distinguished Professor of Psychology & Director of Center for Development Behavioral Neuroscience
Developmental Psychobiology of Memory and General neural plasticity

Patricia Di Lorenzo
Professor of Psychology
Brain encoding of Sensory stimuli; Physiological psychology; Developmental Psychobiology; Neuropsychology-taste and neural response to taste

Peter Donovick
Professor of Psychology
Environmental Psychobiology; Effects of toxic elements on Brain and Behavior; Physiological Psychology; Brain injury

Mark Lenzenweger
Distinguished Professor of Psychology
Schizophrenia; Psychosis; Severe mental illness; Personality disorders and borderline personality disorder; Longitudinal research studies in Psychopathology; Psychological testing and Assessment; Psychiatry

Nicole Cameron
Associate Professor of Psychology
Neuroendocrinology, female reproductive function, maternal care, sexual behavior
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Last Updated: 6/22/10