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Shylock stereotype prompts closer look

Jonathan Karp, associate professor of history and chair of Judaic Studies, has tackled a seldom-touched subject – a stereotype of Jewish culture – tracing the role of Jews in the economy from the mid-17th to mid-19th century.
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January-February 2002

David Sloan Wilson, professor of biological sciences, was quoted in an on-line article regarding how punishment can be viewed as not only altruistic but critical for maintaining a healthy society. Wilson was also quoted in the New York Times on the same topic.

Ron Miles, professor of mechanical engineering, has been featured in an article on biomimicry in the The New York Times Magazine for his research on replicating the incredibly accurate hearing mechanism of the parasitic fly, Ormia ochracea.

Robert Ostergard, a research fellow in the Institute for Global Cultural Studies and the Center on Democratic Performance, discussed a course he is coordinating on the September 11 attacks, called Terrorism and War. the class has enrolled more than 400 students and more than 100 were turned away.

W. Warren Wagar, distinguished professor of history, told Research Alert that following the terrorist attacks of September 11, long-term prospects are for widening conflict between the rich and poor nations of the world, for widening conflict among the poor nations themselves and for increasing destabilization worldwide. Wagar shared his insights on where the world is heading and what can be done about it following the September 11 attacks in The Futurist magazine.

An article on money laundering in the United States by James Petras, Bartle professor of sociology, was highlighted in a story posted on Global News Wire that was picked up by Business Line.

Kevin Wright, professor of criminology, was quoted in a BBC News Online article about the conditions at Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and how poorly it appears the suspected al-Qaeda and Taliban detainees are being treated.

The research of Ron Miles, chair and professor of mechanical engineering, was featured in February in the German publication Spiegel Online and techlive. Miles is using the mechanical structure of the ear of a fly to design what will be the world's smallest directional microphone for use in hearing aids.

Kevin Lacey, associate professor and director of the Middle East and North African studies program, was quoted in Newsweek regarding the increase in job openings at top institutions for Islamic studies talent.

Stephen Straight, vice provost for academic affairs, was quoted in an Associated Press article regarding non-English learning opportunities in universities.

Ali Mazrui, director of the Institute for Global Cultural Studies and Schweitzer Professor of Political Science and Africana Studies, addressed the NAACP’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast in Portland, Oregon. Mazrui’s remarks were quoted in the Associated Press and the Portland Press Herald.

The Binghamton University athletic program was featured in an article in the New York Times Sports section about the decision by the four SUNY university centers to move to Division 1 competition. The article featured two photos of the BU Bearcats. Among those quoted were Athletic Director Joel Thirer and Provost Mary Ann Swain.

A photo of BU Basketball Coach Al Walker and members of the Bearcat team taken at the University of North Carolina was featured on the cover of the Career Network of the publication. The photo, by BU photographer Evangelos Dousmanis, was taken at a matchup in December. Binghamton came to within one point of beating the the Tarheels.

David Brackett, assistant professor of music was quoted in an article about how people form opinions on popular music and why music has the power to create and trigger emotional responses.

Peter Gerhardstein, assistant professor of psychology, was quoted in an article regarding a course offered to a select group of Broome and Tioga county high schools that has students tackle long-term, original and complicated scientific research projects while in high school.

James Pogue, director of the Educational Opportunity Program, was quoted in an article regarding Black History month activities and the subleties of racism in the Southern Tier.

John Thomson, chair of the art department, was quoted in an article regarding the creative talent and ability of autistic artist Jonathan Lerman, age 14. Raymond Romanczyk, director of the Institute of Child Development, was also quoted in the article regarding autism and its large range of disorders.Thomson had also been quoted in a January 16 New York Times article regarding Lerman's creative talent.

Tom Brunell, assistant professor of political science, was quoted in an article on how campaign finance may impact the odds of competitive challengers entering the upcoming Southern Tier’s state lawmakers race.

Joel Thirer, director of health, physical education, recreation and athletics, was quoted in an article regarding body conscious teens focusing on improving their image through weight-lifting or using dietary supplements to change their appearance.

Nina Versaggi, director of the public archeology facility, was quoted in an article regarding the identification of 700-year-old bones found in Hillcrest.

Richard Antoun, Bartle professor of anthropology, was interviewed about his research on fundamentalism and his new book, Understanding Fundamentalism: Christian, Islamic and Jewish Movements.

Kevin Wright, professor of criminology in the Graduate School of Education and Human Development, discussed how law enforcement agency policies on police arresting family members.

Isidore Okpewho, professor of Africana studies, was quoted in an article regarding the 25th anniversary of the airing of the television series, Roots.

Vincent Pasquale, assistant dean for administration in the School of Management, was quoted in an article regarding the use of economic resources to stimulate development of small and mid-sized companies.

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