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July-August 2002

G. Philip Rightmire, professor of anthropology and an internationally recognized expert on Homo erectus, is featured in numerous articles about the importance of a skull recently found in Dmansi, Georgia, that indicates early humans may have migrated from Africa before the development of sophisticated tools. Rightmire said the newest skull may not be a classic Homo erectus, shaking earlier assumptions that Homo erectus was the first hominid to leave Africa. The skull—the smallist, most primitive hominid skull ever found outside Africa—is redefining earlier ideas about human migration and evolution.

David Brackett, assistant professor of music, contributed to a timeline of the world’s greatest musical successes for a cover story in a special double issue of U.S. News & World Report. The timeline, from 1610 to the present, covered all aspects of music from radical new psalms to rock rap.

John Baust, professor of biological sciences, was interviewed for an article in The Advertiser, a South Australia daily with a circulation of over half a million, about the controversy involving the death of baseball legend Ted Williams whose body has been frozen and is being stored in a cryonic warehouse. Baust noted that, although human sperm and embryos have been routinely frozen and defrosted with mixed success, no frozen human organs have ever been thawed to yield viable cells.

Philip M. Piaker, distinguished service professor emeritus of accounting in the School of Management, wrote an opinion piece titled "Back to Accounting Bedrock" on the ethical issues facing accountants and ways to restore investor confidence in the wake of numerous recent accounting scandals.

Kevin Lacey, associate professor and director of classical and near eastern studies, was interviewed about the increased interest in Islamic studies since September 11. Lacey said he hoped the focus on Islamic studies will continue and noted that Binghamton University is hiring faculty to teach literature of the modern Middle East and Arabic civilizations and culture, and Arabic dialects.

David Sloan Wilson, professor of biological sciences and anthropology is featured in the Melange section of the Chronicle of Higher Education. An exerpt from his new book Darwin's Cathedral: Evolution, Religion, and the Nature of Society (University of Chicago Press) appears in the section. The book proposes an evolutionary theory of religion that challenges both evolutionary biology and social theory. Wilson was also among those featured in an article in New Scientist discussing the use of memes as a way to analyse human culture. The word "meme" was coined by biologist Richard Dawkins to describe units of culture such as fashions, customs, technologies and ideas, which he argues, evolve in much the same way as genes. Wilson dismisses memetics as relying on circular arguments.

Kimberly Jaussi, assistant professor of organizational behavior and leadership in the School of Management, discusses how a program called Serious Play that has executives build structures using Legos can be helpful in letting executives visualize abstract concepts.

John Baust, professor of biological sciences and director of biomedical technology, was quoted in an article regarding the reasons the future of biotechnology in the Southern Tier and the need for investment by venture capitalists.

Leslie Heywood, associate professor of English, was quoted in an article regarding the 30th anniversary of Title IX and recent discussions on its impact on college athletics.

Srinivasan Krishnamurthy, assistant professor in finance, was quoted in an article regarding a deal by Binghamton business leaders to create Endicott Interconnect Technologies through the purchase of the local IBM microelectronics complex and the associated manufacturing operation.

Erik Devos, adjunct professor of finance, was quoted in an article regarding local investors’ reactions to dramatic changes in the stock market.

David Anderson, associate vice president and dean of students, Elizabeth Droz, director of the counseling center, and Kim Liebhauser, assistant director of campus activities, were quoted in an article on how parents can help freshmen students adjust to college life while coping with their own feelings of ‘letting go.’

Nancy Stamp, professor of biological sciences, was quoted in an article about bugs and the important role they play in the ecosystem.

Peter Donovick, professor of psychology, was quoted in an article discussing how Southern Tier mental health units are coping with funding cutbacks.

Kathryn Sklar, distinguished professor of history, and Francis Yammarino, professor of human resources, were quoted in an article about census data that suggest a significant disparity in the salaries between working men and women in Broome County.

Subimal Chatterjee, associate professor of marketing, was quoted in an article regarding the announcement by Ames Department Stores Inc that it is seeking bankruptcy protection and will close 327 stores in the chain.

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