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From music to comedy, with some acting thrown in

Paul Reiser '77 earned his bachelor of fine arts degree in music with a major in piano and composition at Binghamton before hitting the big time on the comedy circuit in New York City and moving in to acting.
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May-June 2002

Binghamton University sophomore Maria Pendolino was interviewed about the value of a liberal arts education by anchor Neal Conan in a program on "Purposes of a college education." Pendolino, a musical theater and English major, said she thinks her liberal arts degrees will make her marketable.

Akbar Muhammad, associate professor of history and Africana studies, talks about Muslims and the role of Islam in a western world in two separate reports. In an article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on the many faces of Islam, he says that fear and mistrust of Western hegemoney unsettles many in the Muslim world, where the memory of European colonialism is still strong. Newsday reported on a two-hour Frontline report on National Public Television on Muslims in early May.

Tim Lowenstein, professor of geology, was quoted in an article about the pursuit of the oldest living plant. Lowenstein is one of the researchers looking at one contender — a 250 million-year-old bacteria found in salt crystals in 2000.

Kathryn K. Sklar, distinguished professor of history, was among the 2,000 scholars attending the annual Berkshire Conference on the History of Women in June. Sklar, who has attended every conference sinc they began in 1973, told the Hartford Courant the focus on one topic makes it a special conference. "It's not like rock 'n' roll and opera and symphony," she said. "It's not all the different kinds of history that there is. It's one kind of history. That's what gives it the similarity to Woodstock. It's rock 'n' roll."

William Isbell, professor of anthropology, was among the archeologists involved in the exploration of an ancient Andean burial site described in the June issue of National Geographic. The site, which had long ago been looted, was built during the Wari empire, a predecessor of the Incans.

Subimal Chatterjee, associate professor of management, was interviewed about how marketers are beginning to use technology to reach potential customers via their cell phones. Chatterjee said privacy will become an issue if cell phones give their locations to retailers so they can alert users to special discounts. "It’s a very interesting trade-off — highly customized ads and alerts, but at the same time, you give up your privacy," Chatterjee said. "Consumers will trade some of their privacy if they feel in control. If a mobile-device user can control when he’s being tracked, he may not mind receiving useful ads."

David Sloan Wilson, professor of biological sciences, was among the speakers at a conference on "Becoming Human" at Stanford University in May that explored the evolutionary origins and adaptive significance of human capacities for spiritual, religious and moral thought. "Morality is at the heart of the evolutionary story of becoming human," Wilson said.

John Vernon, distinguished professor of English, wrote a reviews of A House Unlocked by Penelope Lively. Vernon's most recent novel is The Last Canyon.

Joseph Graney, assistant professor of geology, reported to the Hillcrest community on the results of his environmental study documenting pollution associated with industial emissions. He was asked to conduct the study following a cluster of childhood cancers.

David Brackett, associate professor of music, was quoted in an article regarding how the appeal of rap and hip-hop music is no longer tied to race but has become more accepted by the general public.

John Thomson, associate professor of art, was quoted in an article regarding the level of creativity and expression captured through graffiti.

Edward Kokkelenberg, professor of economics, was quoted in an article on the effect of layoffs at major companies in the Southern Tier on the community.

Stephen A. Lisman, professor of psychology, was quoted in an article regarding the effectiveness of using ‘scare tactics’ to give students a realistic look at the consequences of drinking and driving.

Nancy Paul, director of the Career Development Center, was quoted in an article on how some area workers have discovered other career opportunities following a layoff.

Kevin Wright, professor of criminology, was quoted in an article about the rise in inmate assaults at the Broome County Jail, as well as the investigations of these incidents and subsequent prosecutions.

Christopher Anderson, professor of political science, was quoted in an article on how young people tend not to get involved or participate in local politics.

Ricardo Laremont, associate professor of sociology, was quoted in an article regarding how even though the U.S. government has tightened its immigration policies since September 11, refugees continue to seek out new lives in the Southern Tier.

Laurie Kelly, BU women’s basketball coach, was quoted in an article regarding how basketball camps allows young girls the opportunity to hone their abilities.

Upinder Dillon, dean of the School of Management, was quoted in an article regarding how finance academics had discounted the research of Wall Street analysts long before the recent evidence of conflict-of-interest.

Joel Thirer, professor and director of physical education, recreation and athletics, was quoted in an article regarding the release of the book Astrofit by William J. Evans, which promotes the notion that by following a NASA-styled regimen of nutrition and exercise, one can reverse the effects of aging.

Matthew D. Johnson, assistant professor of psychology, was quoted in an article regarding divorce trends in the Southern Tier as well as factors that contribute to a happy marriage.

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