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Opera alumnus has passion for singing — and talent to pursue it

The songbird from Brooklyn said an elementary school glee club conductor sparked her singing career when he gave her a classical piece to perform. “That’s when I realized I had a solo voice and really liked singing,” says Sibongile Boyd. “It was just something about the grandeur of it that attracted me. I preferred singing more than listening to instrumental pieces.”
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December 2004

Steven Jay Lynn, professor of psychology, was quoted in the December 9 issue of Psychology Today on the surge of popularity of heroic fantasy and how they allow people to release frustrated impulses. Lynn noted: “Daydreams and fantasy play a vital role in everyday life. They inspire us, regulate our moods and help us contemplate future possibilities.” The article also appeared in the January 10 Ottawa Citizen.

Binghamton University was mentioned in a December 3 Newsday article which offered advice for high school seniors on how to manage the college application process.

Peter Stahl, professor of anthropology, was featured in the December 2004 issue of CBC Health & Science News regarding a study by José Iriarte of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. Iriarte’s study contradicts earlier research relating to the inhabitants of the La Plata basin in South America in pre-Hispanic times. Stahl’s input was taken from a commentary which accompanied the study noting: “The study by Iriarte et al, not only rejects much of the interpretational baggage carried by generation of archeologists, but also exposes the potential for prehistoric culture in grasslands and wetlands, which were historically viewed as marginal areas.” The article also appeared in December Christian Science Monitor.

Binghamton University’s dual degree program with Turkey was highlighted in the December 3 issue of the Buffalo News. The article noted that SUNY and the Turkish Council of Higher Education currently offer 10 dual degrees in business, global and international affairs and four other areas. New Paltz State College also host visiting Turkish students and starting next fall, the University at Buffalo will also offer a dual program.

Nancy Paul, director of the career development center, was quoted in University Business about the rise of prospective employers attending career fairs. “The number of employers participating in our employee fair increased slightly, on campus recruitment for fall is up and we’re still getting requests to schedule on campus visits for November and possibly December,” said Paul.

Florenz Plassmann, economics professor, and Bruce McCullogh, a decisions science professor at Drexel University, were quoted in the December 7 issue of Wired News in an article that evaluated the results of a Berkeley report that showed anomalies with the electronic voting machines in Florida in 2000. Plassman and McCullogh criticized the results of the report citing faulty equation and a lack of peer-review.

Binghamton University was mentioned in a December 10 Buffalo News article which offered high school seniors tips on how to write their college essays. Binghamton University’s approach of setting a word limit of 500 words was highlighted.

Immanuel Wallerstein, director of the Fernand Braudel Center, was quoted in the December issue of Narcosphere in an article relating to election processes around the world. Wallerstein said “elections have become the common place of the modern world.”

Daniel Henderson, assistant professor of economics, was quoted in the December 15 issue of The Morning News regarding a student athlete survey he had recently conducted. The survey indicated that athletes who graduate are often in a better position to make more money than other college graduates. Henderson noted that athletes develop leadership, team skills and the desire to excel that translates into more money later.

Binghamton University was mentioned in the December issue of the National Journal’s Technology Daily in an article about the ways in which the nation’s governors are working to fulfill technology-related promises made in their State of the State addresses. In reviewing New York state’s Governor George Pataki, the article noted that he had met several of his goals including creating a high tech commercialization center in Binghamton.

Ali Mazrui, Albert Schweitzer professor of the humanities and director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies, was featured in the December Africa News in which he offered insight on the new leadership in Kenya. Mazrui noted that on education and economic prosperity, there is a need to tap talent in the Kenyan diaspora to encourage capacity building, capital, foreign investment and job creation. ‘Kenyans out there can make their contribution by participating in think-tanks or assisting to coordinate research work by sharing out their knowledge or findings from their work stations abroad,’ he said.

Mazrui was also quoted in a second Africa News article in which he argued that when the African Union (AU) was established in 2002, only five sub-regions of the African continent were envisaged, leaving out the people affected by the African Diaspora. Mazrui notes, “This sub-section of the total black diaspora is floating partly because of its uncertain psychology. Are these Africans overseas permanently or only until they retire at home, or until conditions improve in their ancestral countries?”

Peter Stahl, associate professor of anthropology, was featured in a December 28 article in the Columbus Dispatch related to evidence published in the Nature journal about the discovery of an early civilization at the South American site of Los Ajos. In a commentary on the Nature article, Stahl notes that his surprise at finding such unexpected cultural complexity at such as early date in this place is “a product of our preconceptions’”.

Susan Lewis, assistant director in the Office of International Programs, was featured in the December International Education Report in an article relating to the type of situations study abroad administrators have to keep in mind when planning a study abroad program. In the article Lewis offers advice and suggestions as to how to plan ahead to ensure the safety of students while studying abroad. Lewis was also quoted in the February National On-Campus Report.

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