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Acting aids ministry

Wesley Sanders' classes have played a strong, supporting role in his pursuit to become a Methodist minister as he learns to understand people. His work in theater is a help, too. Wesley Sanders, psychology, junior
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April 2005

Joyce Ferrario, geriatric nursing specialist and associate dean of the Decker School of Nursing, was quoted in the May 17 issue of Family Circle magazine in an article related to the emotions of aging. The article discussed how most adult children of aging parents understand the importance of supporting their parents’ physical, medical and financial needs, but often neglect the emotional and psychological aspects. Ferrario noted that children often overlook the emotional and psychological aspects of aging. She said it’s hard to grasp what its like to be at a stage of life we haven’t reached yet, and again isn’t a subject seniors talk about with ease, but we need to try to understand what they are experiencing so we can be sensitive to their feelings as we take on ever more responsibility.

Linda Spear, distinguished professor of psychology, was interviewed by Korean Public Television (KBT) for a documentary on alcohol sensitivity during adolescence which aired in Korea in May.

Binghamton University’s research on woodland salamanders was mentioned in the April 3 issue of the Poughkeepsie Journal. The reporter, John Maerz, is a graduate of Binghamton University and the article discussed how his interest in the impact of non-native species on amphibians began during his graduate career at the University.

Barbara Poliks, visiting professor of physics, was quoted in an April 6 issue of Newsday. Poliks discussed her memories of the late Pope John Paul II who passed away April 2, “I knew him from childhood. He was part of the family,” she said.

Binghamton University was named in an April 7 USA Today listing of colleges attended by CEOs hired at fortune 1000 firms in 2004 and 2005. Alumnus Peter Altabef, who is employed by Perot Systems, made the list.

The toothless skull of an early human ancestor discovered in the Causcasus is the oldest known example of compassion given to the elderly and the handicapped according to the April 7 Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune. G Philip Rightmire was quoted, noting, “The old man might have been able to take care of himself by cracking bones for the marrow and even softening pieces of meat with stone hammers. But the loss of teeth, signifying either disease or advanced age or both, suggested he might have needed help.” The article also appeared in the April 7 New York Times, the April 8 Sydney Morning Herald, an April 8 issue of RedNova and the April 10 Dallas Morning News.

Tim Lowenstein, professor of geological sciences, and Cindy Satterfield, a doctoral student in geology, were mentioned in an article on the Discovery Channel website related to their study to confirm that the brine and salt crystals found at a site near Carlsbad, New Mexico, were indeed the world’s oldest life forms. In 2000, scientists found a controversial 250-milllion-year-old bacteria which many geologists argued could have been trapped at a much later date. Lowenstein and Satterfield’s subsequent tests confirmed the bacteria truly form a quarter-billion-year time capsule. The results of Lowenstein and Satterfield’s research appeared in the April issue of the journal Geology.

Binghamton University senior Adam Gilbert was interviewed by U.S. News & World Report for an article related to student businesses. Gilbert’s “Ultimate Discount Card,” which arranges for price cuts for students at area stores and restaurants, was sited as example of how students are saving fellow students money by providing cut-rate, convenient products and services. “There was a tremendous opportunity to connect local merchants with the students at my school,” said Gilbert.

Binghamton University’s minority graduate programs were featured in the April 11 issue of The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education. The article discussed a variety of national support programs that give underrepresented students the chance to continue their education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. David Cingranelli, director of the Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement program; John Kilmarx, associate dean of the Graduate School and coordinator of the NSF’S Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP), the Clifford D. Clark Graduate Fellowship Program for Underrepresented Minorities programs and Project 1000; Sharon Bryant, CSTEP project director; and Donald Blake, project director for the SUNY Upstate Bridges to Baccaluareate Program, were interviewed about their respective initiatives.

Binghamton University was mentioned in an April 17 New York Times article related to how colleges and universities are dealing with the record increases in both the number of students applying to college as well as the number of applications being submitted by high school students. Binghamton University was listed by one of the high school students interviewed as a school to which she had received acceptance.

The research of James Brownridge, radiation safety officer, in a phenomenon known as the pyroelectric effect, was mentioned the April issue of New Scientist. Using this effect, Brownridge was able to generate x-rays by heating lithium tantalite crystals. The phenomenon was later used in a commercial X-ray device that exploits the pyroelectric effect.

Maria Mazzioti Gillan, professor of English, appeared on a recent edition of "The Poet and the Poem," an ongoing series of live poetry evenings at the Library of Congress distributed through NPR satellite. The interview is available on and will be posted in late April on the Library of Congress web page at Gillan also had one of her poems read on “Writer’s Almanac,” a daily program of poetry and history hosted by Garrison Keillor. The program can be heard each day on public radio stations throughout the country. Keillor has also selected Gillan’s poem titled, “After School on Ordinary Days” for his latest collection of verse titled Good Poems.

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