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A teacher of teachers serves as role model

Beverly Rainforth, an expert on educating students with severe disabilities, is also a leader in the field of educational teams, which builds on the concept of professional workplace collaboration.
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January 2005

Koji Lum, associate professor of anthropology, was interviewed by Fuji Television Network based in Tokyo, Japan, on his research of Pacific Island populations for an on-going series of documentaries titled “Science Mystery.” He appeared in part three of a series titled, “Is it a Miracle or Fate?: How DNA Reveals the Truth and Love of Human Beings.” Lum offered insight on nomad sea people, in particular, the Moken tribe.

Ali Mazrui, Albert Schweitzer professor of the humanities and director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies, was featured in the January 2 issue of Africa News in which he offered insight on the bright side of the “brain drain” Africa is facing. Mazrui claimed that, “Trying to influence American opinion on Africa, teaching in America, is an important part of serving Africa in terms of influencing the opinion of those currently in power and those who will be leaders in the future.”

Benita Roth, associate professor of sociology, was quoted in the January 4 issue of U.K. Express about the hit television show, “Desperate Housewives.” Roth focused on the character of Lynette Scavo, a business executive who gave up her career for motherhood. “People think it’s easy for women to give up their careers for motherhood, but it’s not. It’s a social taboo for women to say they don’t love every moment of motherhood. The illusion is that you could stay at home, but for many mothers it’s a tough road,” said Roth. Roth was also quoted in the January 8 issue of the Express in an article related to actress Kirstie Alley’s comeback in her new show titled, “Fat Actress.” Roth commented on Alley’s troubling position as a role model for a society struggling with obesity. “What’s troubling about the show is that she sounds conflicted. On the one hand, there’s a critique of Hollywood’s obsession with being thin. On the other hand, she’s obviously unhappy with her size,’ said Roth.

Binghamton University was mentioned in a January 6 Gannett News Service article which outlined the 2005 upstate priorities of Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY). Schumer listed seeking funding for Binghamton University’s Small Scale Systems Packaging Center and other research projects as a major goal for the upcoming year.

Jonathan Krasno, associate professor of political science, was quoted in a January 11 Gannett News Service article related to how changing district lines can favor right-wing or left-wing candidates. The article argued that with conservatives more firmly in control, moderates face increasing hostility. “Today, there’s less incentive for the conservatives to placate the moderates,” said Krasno.

Binghamton University was mentioned in a January 14 issue of the Buffalo News in an article celebrating the 20th anniversary of the small business development program, which is partially funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Binghamton University, Buffalo State and the State University at Albany are the three original centers in the program.

Binghamton University was profiled in a special section of the January/February issue of International Educator, which highlighted the institution’s strong global identity. The article was an excerpt from NAFSA’s Internationalizing the Campus 2004: Profiles of Success at Colleges and Universities report. The article highlighted President Lois B. DeFleur’s commitment to international studies and featured quotes from Mary Ann Swain, provost and vice president for academic affairs; H. Stephen Straight, vice provost for undergraduate education and international affairs and professor of linguistics; Ellen Badger, director of International Student and Scholar Services; Suronda Gonzalez, assistant director of the Languages Across the Curriculum program; Rosemarie T. Morewedge, chair of the German, Russian and East Asian Languages Department; Rodger Summers, vice president for student affairs; Katherine Krebs, director of international programs; and Nancy Paul, director of the Career Development Center.

President Lois B. DeFleur wrote an opinion piece for the January issue of Education Update in which she discussed Binghamton University’s commitment to international education. DeFleur profiled some of the programs Binghamton has initiated to foster international relations, noting: “I believe that developing these and other programs would strengthen international education and prepare our students for a future in which economics and cultures depend on global ties.”

Immanuel Wallerstein, director of the Fernand Braudel Center, was quoted in the January issue of Al-Ahram in an article relating to the election of Mahmoud Abbas as president of the Palestinian Authority to succeed Yassar Arafat. Wallerstein is hopeful that the possibilities of an Israeli-Palestinian agreement is near, but he noted: ‘…a secular political analysis of the situation does not encourage much immediate hope. After Arafat, almost surely Arafat II.”

Binghamton University’s $10 million award from the United States Display Consortium (USDC) to establish and operate the Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing was covered in the January issue of EETimes. The award was also covered on, Yahoo! Finance and Information Display Online. The award was also mentioned on Marketwatch, Advanced Packaging, ArriveNet,, Medical News Today, PR Newswire’s and Webbolt.

President Lois B. DeFleur’s participation on the selection panel for the Institute of International Education’s Andrew Heiskell Awards was mentioned in an AScribe Newswire article. DeFleur was recognized as one of the leading names in international education.

Binghamton University’s GK-12 program, which is designed to strengthen ties between K–12 and postsecondary education, was featured in RedNova. The program serves as a model to advance change in science education by improving the quality and quantity of science education at the elementary school level. Teams of teaching fellows (graduate students in the sciences) and teachers implemented instructional units to improve the teaching and learning of science. The article is based on work supported by a National Science Foundation GK-12 grant awarded to Nancy Stamp, dean of the Graduate School; Thomas O’ Brien, associate professor of education; Jeffrey Barker, associate professor of geological sciences; and Eric Cotts, professor of physics. It also mentioned the contributions of Andrew Telesca, adjunct lecturer of physics.

David Sloan Wilson, professor of biological sciences, was mentioned in a January 30 article in 3 Edition, reviewing a series of events commemorating the birthday of Charles Darwin. Wilson appeared as a guest presenter in a discussion on evolutionary theory held at the state museum in Albany.

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