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Simple, solid advice from 78-year-old: keep learning

"Become addicted to learning," 78-year-old Vestal resident, Kishen Kapur, said. "Learning is what makes the difference in life." Kapur is following his own advice. On May 16, 2009, more than a half-century after earning his master's degrees, he received his doctorate in electrical engineering from Binghamton University.
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May 2005

Gerald Sonnenfeld, vice president for research, was quoted in the May issue of ASM News in an article which investigates the threat of bacteria grown in space. The article discusses the efforts under way to determine how reduced gravity makes some bacteria more resistant to stress and more potent as pathogens. Sonnenfeld notes that animals used in microgravity research become more susceptible to infection by various viruses and bacteria.

Liz Rosenberg, professor of English, discussed the reasons why she finds it so hard to review children’s poetry books in the May issue of the Horn Book magazine. Rosenberg notes that in her 30 years of reviewing children’s books, she has produced no more than two-dozen reviews of poetry. “It is not because I do not care for poetry that I have reviewed so little, but precisely because I care about it so passionately,” says Rosenberg. She notes that many people are ‘afraid’ of poetry but the key is to engage poetry readers at an early age. Rosenberg notes that children can be can be taught to truly love and ‘get’ poetry if they were “given more great poems to read throughout their young lives.”

Steven Lynn, professor of psychology, was mentioned in the May 2 issue of the New Jersey Law Journal in an article related to a test case that will take a critical look at the quarter-century-old practice of prosecutors using hypnotically aided testimony. Lynn testified for the defense in a hearing of the New Jersey Supreme Court.

Nancy Paul, director of the career development center, was quoted in the May 8 issue of the New York Times, in an article related to the University’s dining etiquette program. The article notes that Binghamton’s program has been so successful, that it has been moved to a bigger venue. Paul notes that the program was introduced as a result on feedback from employers and alumni that indicated students were “smart but needed to strengthen their savvy and social skills.”

BioLife Solutions Inc., a Binghamton University incubator company working with research groups in such areas as cryobiology and molecular cell biology, was mentioned in an article on Yahoo! Finance related to its agreement with VWR International Inc., a global research laboratory. VWR will sell BioLife products under an exclusive private label agreement. BioLife President and CEO, John Baust, said “This agreement is clearly a significant milestone for BioLife and its potential financial impact and in terms of validating the efficacy and value of our core technology.”

The Jerusalem Post recognized Shelemyahu Zacks, professor of mathematics, for receiving honorary doctorate from the University of Haifa. The Post noted: “Universities throughout Israel are conferring honorary degrees on Israelis and non-Israelis of outstanding accomplishments.” Zacks was recognized for being “one of the world’s foremost statisticians and mathematicians particularly in the field of probability.”

William Stein, associate professor of biology, was quoted in a May 24 issue of the Albany Times Union in an article related to the discovery of prehistoric flora in the Catskills. Stein was quoted as saying: “This is very exciting. It’s the only specimen like this that has ever been found.” Stein, a paleobotanist who specializes in the Devonian period of 380 million years ago noted that normally only small fragments of plants from the Devonia n period are found “Finding this much of it all together is a major breakthrough,” he said.

In an article about training nuclear engineers, the Syracuse Post-Standard listed a variety of leading higher education institutions in New York state which offer related degree programs. The article notes that nuclear engineering incorporates knowledge from different areas of science and engineering, and Binghamton University was listed as a school that offers a host of engineering programs.

The May 26 issue of the Business Review announced the relocation of the New York Center for Advanced Interconnect Science and Technology to the State University of Albany. The center is a national consortium of 18 universities that supports basic nanotechnology and nanoelectronics research on behalf of the United States semiconductor industry. Binghamton University was listed as a member of the consortium.

The May 28 issue of the Central New York Business Journal highlighted the $12 million annual economic impact of the Binghamton University Events’ Center. Daniel Jardine, research analyst in the Office of Institutional Research, was quoted extensively in the article. He noted that basketball, special events, trade shows and commencement exercises comprise the center’s major events generating economic impact. “The Events Center has allowed the university to host a number of new events,” said Jardine.

Jonathan Krasno, associate professor of political science, was quoted in a Scripps Howard News Service article related to voter turnout. The article reviewed the impact of negative campaigning, particularly TV ads. Krasno noted that in a study of voter turnout, TV ads show negligible impact one way or the other. The article also appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Winston-Salem Journal

Tanya Robinson ’89, ’01, assistant director for academic programs for Off Campus College, was profiled in an article in the 2005 issue of Golden Key International Honor Society’s Concepts. The article focused on Robinson’s work helping students secure internships and noted that she was inducted as an honorary member into the Binghamton chapter of Golden Key in 2003.

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