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Andrew Bergman '65, screenwriter and director, wrote Blazing Saddles, The In-Laws, Striptease and Honeymoon in Vegas. His Binghamton education served him well.
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September 2005

Binghamton University was mentioned in a September 1 issue of University Business magazine for providing relief to students affected by Hurricane Katrina. Binghamton’s efforts included offering admittance to students from Tulane University. The University’s efforts to support students affected by Hurricane Katrina were also highlighted in the September 22 issue of the New York Teacher. The article mentioned the number of students from Tulane who were welcomed by the University.

Cheryl Brown, director of undergraduate admissions, was featured in a September 2 issue of the Rockland Journal News, in an article focusing on students displaced by Katrina. Brown was also interviewed for an article in the September 24 issue of the Ithaca Journal in which she provided a list of the resources and support the University made available to the misplaced students. These efforts included providing emergency loans, food service cards and bookstore assistance.

Binghamton University was mentioned in the September 2 issue of the Saratogan for opening its doors to displaced students. A similar article ran in the Times Herald-Record of Middletown, the Elmira Star-Gazette; NY1 News in New York, WSTM-TV of Central New York; and the Buffalo News.

School of Management Professors Jay Wellman and Jian Zhou were mentioned in the September 8 issue of Smart Money magazine in an article related to the stewardship of mutual funds. The article notes that many mutual fund companies advertise with Morningstar stars, which indicate past performance. Wellman and Zhou suggest that investors should focus on ‘stewardship grades’ which looks at funds’ commitment to shareholders in areas like fees and regulatory compliance. More importantly, these grades also focus on board quality, which measures directors’ independence, workload and compensation.

Binghamton University was mentioned in the September 9 issue of US Fed News in an article related to an announcement by Governor Pataki that New York State had received $21 million in federal funds to continue the GEAR UP program. In addition to the award, several GEAR UP programs were renewed by the federal government including the Binghamton University program. A related article appeared in the September 10 Empire Journal.

Jennifer Jensen, visiting assistant professor of political science, was quoted in the September 15 issue of the Elmira Star-Gazette in an article related to the low turnout in the primaries in Elmira. Jensen said that primaries are not structured to generate a high voter turnout. “(Primaries) tend to occur at times when people tend not to be thinking about politics,” she said.

David Sloan Wilson, professor of biological sciences, was mentioned in the September 19 issue of the Des Moines Register, in an article about his research on the benefits of gossip in the social world. According to Wilson, gossip exchanges are integral in the study of how groups successfully interact with one another. “There’s a kind of theory behind this, that a human social group, including a business organization, is much more complicate than we think,” says Wilson. The article also appeared in The Record of the Waterloo region, Ontario, Canada; the Montgomery Advertiser; and the Albany Times-Union.

Nina Versaggi, director of the Public Archaeology Facility (PAF), was featured in the fall 2005 issue of American Archaeology magazine. The extensive feature covered PAF’s summer archeology program, which conducted work at a site near Castle Gardens in Vestal, NY. Laurie Miroff, project director of the summer program, was also quoted in the article. She offered an overview of the project, the research involved and how the site is interpreted.

Binghamton University was mentioned in the September 21 issue of the Rochester Democrat And Chronicle in an article related to the various methods used by universities and colleges to combat underage drinking. The article cited Binghamton University’s ‘college coalition’ as an example of a college community initiative that draws together local police, district attorneys, college faculty and student organizations to address issues of underage drinking.

Kenneth McLeod, professor of bioengineering, was quoted in the September 25 issue of the Denver Post, in an article related to improving bone density and strength. McLeod noted that taking calcium and walking does not make new bone. He was quoted as saying “There has to be a signal to make bone, and it turns out that if you don’t have adequate fluid flow across you bone, you’re not going to have adequate cell metabolism to trigger cell formation.”

Stanley Salthe, visiting professor in biological sciences, was quoted in a September 27 article by the Washington Bureau of Knight Ridder newswire service, related to the dispute over scientific support for ‘intelligent design.’ The article mentions a statement issued by the Discovery Institute titled “Scientific Dissent from Darwinism,” that has collected about 400 signatures. Some who signed the statement of dissent said that doesn’t mean they support intelligent design. Salthe who signed the statement, is quoted as noting ‘absolutely not’ when asked if he agrees that there must have been a supernatural designer. The article was run in a number of publications including the Philadelphia Daily News; the Miami Herald; the Wichita Eagle; the Charlotte Observer; the Akron Beacon Journal; the Sun News of Myrtle Beach, VA; the Monterey Herald; the Tallahassee Democrat; and Yahoo! News?

Benita Roth, associate professor of sociology, was quoted in the September 17 issue of the UK Express, in an article related to a recently published controversial book, The Game, that is being hailed as the ‘single guys’ bible’ and condemned by feminists as a disgraceful manipulation of women. Roth noted: “The Game seems to be some sort of misguided reaction to the continued growth of women’s social power.”

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