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Acting aids ministry

Wesley Sanders' classes have played a strong, supporting role in his pursuit to become a Methodist minister as he learns to understand people. His work in theater is a help, too. Wesley Sanders, psychology, junior
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July 2006

Thomas Dublin, professor of history, was mentioned in the July 2 issue of and for his book The Face of Decline: The Pennsylvania Anthracite Region in the Twentieth Century, in which he co-authored with Walter Licht. In the book, Dublin discusses the failure of Pennsylvania leaders and communities to deal with the decline in anthracite, also known as hard coal, and its costly effects.

Binghamton University was named among eight universities in the July 6 issue of M2 Presswire and for its proof-of-concept research for the “Compact Phototonic Explorer” (CPE). This “pill camera” is being jointly developed by Infotonics Technology Center and Mediscience Technology Corporation, and will be used to detect cancer and monitor body functions. Binghamton University was also featured in the July 12 issue of and for (CPE).

Greg Reynolds, a junior business-management major at Binghamton University, was published in the July 7 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education for his article “Searching (and Searching) for the Right College Fit. “ In an article about choosing which college is the perfect fit for a perspective student, Reynolds discusses why he chose Binghamton. Reynolds mentions the Mountainview residential area and the Events Center as two places on campus that caught his attention immediately while touring the school. He said, “I was able to find all the benefits of a large university with the personality of a small college. It was without a doubt the right fit.”

Binghamton University and Dr. Eva Wu, professor of electrical and computer engineering, were featured in the July 9 issue of Newsblaze LLC. Wu is leading a team in cooperation with the Air Force Office of Scientific Research on a two-year research project targeted at improving the strength and availability of command and control networks. The team will receive $100,000 for the project, “Highly Available C2 Supporting Systems for Air Operation.” Wu said, “The goal of our (current) research is to enhance availability of command and control systems to effectively reduce fragility while minimizing response time to service requests.”

Andy Morris, the associate director of admissions, commented in the July 12 issue of International Herald Tribune on the issue of high school students committing to more than one college. This practice puts students at risk of having their admission offers withdrawn. Morris said that he has had parents confess to him about writing acceptance checks to more than one college. “The idea of booking two airline flights or booking multiple hotel rooms are things that these parents do,” Morris said, “They are trying to hedge their bets.”

Scott Calkins, Emerging Technologies analyst at Binghamton University, was quoted in the July 12 issue of Business Wire. In an article about the benefits of Altova online product developments, Calkins said, “Altova’s online product demos are extremely helpful and provide valuable tips on how the products can be used…Along with the online training and support resources, they help ensure that Altova’s products are easy to use and optimized for maximum effectiveness.”

James Petras, a retired Bartle emeritus professor of sociology, was quoted in the July 21 article on The article focused on Cuban president Fidel Castro’s trip to Argentina to boost trade and commercial ties with South America. Petras remarked, “This is all meant by Cuba and its allies to find trade markets where the country can avoid the U.S. embargo.”

David Sloan Wilson, professor of biology, was quoted in the July 21 edition of The Wall Street Journal in an article about taking vacations with friends and other families and the conflicts that may come about from it. Travel experts say that money is a main issue of tension and suggest talking about budget issues during or before the trip. Wilson said, “The relationship can momentarily lose its purpose.” Wilson was also featured in the July 25 edition of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Binghamton University appeared on NewsWatch 50, Fox News 23, WCAX-TV News 3, WHAM 13 and NBC 3 for the approval of additional funding for defense research by the U.S. Senate committee. The Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing will receive $3 million to develop military technology and homeland security applications.

Maria Mazziotti Gillan, professor and director of the Creative Writing Program, was named in the July 24 edition of for her participation in the 10th International Conference of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas entitled “The European Mind: Narrative and Identity.” Italo-American poet Gillan has published eight books.

Binghamton University was named in the New York Times on July 30 as a university that admitted 70 percent or fewer college applicants over all and had 300 or more early applications.

Christopher Bishop, assistant professor of psychology, was named in the July 30 issue of Medical News Today. The American Parkinson Disease Association awarded Bishop a one-year $50,000 research grant.

Binghamton University was featured in the July 31 issue of Buffalo Business First newspaper because it is joining Stony Brook University and University at Buffalo in launching an online bachelor’s degree this fall in electrical engineering. The schools have received $300,000 in funds from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Twelve courses have been scheduled this fall and into spring 2007, and students will be admitted on a non-matriculated basis.

The Public Archeology Facility (PAF) of Binghamton University was named in the Spring/Summer edition of New York State Preservationist. PAF was hired to survey land owned my Ezra Cornell, one of the founders of Cornell University. PAF’s research revealed artifacts and a glimpse at a working-class, immigrant life more than 150 years ago.

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