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Student Profiles - Christine Choi
Decker student heading to Army Nurse Corps

Christine Choi’s career path will likely be different than her Decker School of Nursing classmates when she graduates in May. She’s decided to forego work at a traditional hospital or health-care facility to join the Army Nurse Corps as a nurse officer.
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June 2006

David Sloan Wilson, a professor of biological sciences, was named in the June 1 issue of Yahoo! Finance for his assistance in researching scientific understanding of religion and spirituality. The Philadelphia-based Metanexus Institute awarded $4.6 million to eleven research teams. Seven of the awards were made on the theme of “Competitive Dynamics and Cultural Evolution of Religions and God Concepts.” Wilson, partnered with William Scott Green of University of Miami, will be conducting a two-year research study of Religious Conceptions of the Afterlife from a Cultural Evolutionary Perspective and a General Field of Evolutionary Religious Studies. Wilson was quoted, “This project will study the diversity of conceptions of the afterlife in the same way that evolutionists study the diversity of biological life forms. In addition, the project is designed to accelerate the establishment of evolutionary religious studies as a general field of inquiry.”

Binghamton University was ranked among the Top 100 Degree Producers 2006 in the June edition of Diverse Issues in Higher Education, in several areas. 50th among the Top 100 Degree Producers 2006 list for Hispanic baccalaureate: area, ethnic, cultural and gender studies. 17th on the Top 100 Degree Producers of 2006 list for Asian Americans baccalaureate: social sciences and history. 48th on the Top 100 Degree Producers 2006 list for Hispanic baccalaureate: social sciences and history. 14th among the Top 100 Degree Producers 2006 list for Asian American baccalaureate: English. 22nd among the Top 100 Degree Producers 2006 list for Asian American baccalaureate: mathematics and statistics.

Binghamton University was named in the June 8 edition of New Jersey Jewish Standard for its students’ participation in restoring Jewish cemeteries throughout Eastern Europe with Dr. Michael Lozman of Latham, N.Y. Five groups of students from Dartmouth and Binghamton traveled to Belarus this summer to “serve as goodwill ambassadors” and restore cemeteries. One Binghamton student said being able participate in the Svir Cemetery Restoration Project was a “chance to restore dignity to our deceased ancestors in a bold act of respect and remembrance.”

Jane Alberdeston Coralin, student at Binghamton University, was featured in the June 13 issue of The Boston Globe. Coralin, along with two of her Vermont College colleagues, wrote a novel “Sister Chicas” about three Latina women who meet up every week to discuss their lives. They wanted to publish a book that portrayed the challenges Latina women face. Coralin was quoted as saying, “I was coming from a shy background, where a woman can be heard but a woman cannot be heard a lot…In addition to being shy, was that I never fit in really, being Puerto Rican and in the military where everyone is supposed to be the same.”

Binghamton University was named in the June 13 issue of Genetic Engineering News as one of the institutions that helped with the proof-of-concept research for the “Compact Photonic Explorer” (CPE). Also known as the “pill camera”, the CPE is used for detecting cancer and monitoring body functions. Infotonics Technology Center and Mediscience Technology Corp are jointly developing CPE.

Binghamton University alum Elizabeth Campbell was featured in the June 17 issue of The Post-Standard for her appointment as coordinator of the Refugee Council USA. This non-governmental coalition focuses on refugee protection. Campbell wrote a doctoral thesis “Refugee Protection Challenges in the Era of Globalization: the Case of Nairobi”, was a research associate at Moi University Centre for Refugee Studies in Kenya, and volunteered at Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya.

Jessica Fridrich, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Binghamton University, was quoted in the June 22 edition of In an article about the comeback of the Rubik’s Cube Fridich, the Czechoslovakian cube champion in 1982, said, “This generation is a lot better, and they have more information available.” Fridich was also the 10th best speed “cuber” in the 1983 international championship and can solve the puzzle in about 17 seconds. She said, “Back then there were no computers available, so everything had to be found out by hand, algorithms had to be worked out by hand and by trial and error. Now the best cubers are typically teenagers…and they’re so fast that I would never think something like this would be possible in 1982.”

Thomas Glave, associate professor at Binghamton University, was featured in the June edition of Gay City News in an article about his book, Words to our Now: Imagination and Dissent. His book consists of 17 journals that deal with identity issues revolving around race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

In late June 2006, the Greater Binghamton community was hit with some of the most devastating flooding this region has ever seen. In order to accommodate an estimated 3,000 evacuees, Binghamton University's Events Center became the largest shelter in the area. Over the course of the five-day evacuation shelter situation, news of Binghamton University’s efforts was covered in publications across the nation and the world.

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