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Bringing Darwin’s theory to everyday life

David Sloan Wilson sees evolution as a useful lens through which to consider topics as diverse as urban planning and neuroscience. That’s why he established the interdisciplinary Evolutionary Studies program at Binghamton.
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March 2006

Patrick Regan, professor of political science, was interviewed by WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio, for the March 1 edition of “Worldview, ” a daily international affairs program, in a segment related to presidential human rights performance.

Gerald Sonnenfeld, vice president of research, was quoted in the March 2 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education in an article about the controversy over South American DNA samples held in North American laboratories. A small collection of these samples are held at Binghamton University and Sonnenfeld notes that Binghamton has been in discussion with Penn State, who is a primary holder. “We very much want to do what is right but we’re not sure at this point what is right, ”he said.

President Lois De Fleur was quoted on the March issue of News on Women website in an article highlighting the achievements of women leaders. The article focuses on a speech De Fleur gave at luncheon celebrating National Girls and Women In Sports Day. DeFleur spoke about the skills employers are looking for – people with good communication skills, who are able to work with others and solve problems quickly. Other notable women mentioned in the article include Whirlpool Vice President Nancy Snyder; Stacey Snider, chief executive and co-chairman of Dreamworks, and Dell Vice President Leslie Campbell.

Binghamton University was featured in a March 7 article on Yahoo!Finance as being a recipient of a SUN Microsystems Sun Grid Education Grant. The grant provides 100,000 hours of central processing units (CPU) each on the Sun Grid. The article was also featured on M2 Presswire; NoticiasB2B of Barcelona, Spain; Computer Business; Hardware Zone; Enterprise Networks & Servers; IT Jungle; The Unix Guardian.

Jessica Fridrich, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, was mentioned in the March 9 issue of Everything Toronto Now in an article about the new technology targeting digital image manipulations. Fridrich has been working on an innovative way to match an image to a specific camera in the same way bullets can be traced back to individual guns.

President Lois De Fleur was quoted in the March 10 issue of Inside Higher Ed in an article regarding the safety of students studying abroad in certain countries. De Fleur stressed the need for being informed about specific countries and that Binghamton considers State Department advisories but also makes its own decisions based on “knowledgeable ‘on the ground’ contact.’”

David Sloan Wilson, professor of biological sciences, was quoted in the March 13 issue of the Asbury Park Press, NJ, in an article on how gossip plays a vital role in teaching workers how things really get done. Wilson notes ”Gossip is a good thing.” He added that schmoozing aids in decision-making, polices bad behaviors and stories knowledge crucial to understanding certain situations. When used in the service of a company, it can be “hugely beneficial,” said Wilson.

Gerald Sonnenfeld, vice president of research, was quoted in the March 13 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education in an article about how college administrators use wireless personal digital assistants. Sonnenfeld noted that his Palm Treo 650 allows him to stay on top of incoming e-mail while traveling. “After a trip, I would be completely overloaded by emails when I got back,” he said.

Anne Clark, associate professor of biological sciences, was mentioned in a March 13 article in the Berkshire Eagle, of Pittsfield, MA, about the increase in the crow population in Pittsfield. Clark noted that the increase could be part of a spillover crowd from ongoing activities in other communities faced with large crow populations. “They have to go somewhere and they will go where it’s safe.”

Jessica Fridrich, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, was mentioned in the March 14 issue of Technology Review in an article about the software she has developed that can match images to specific digital cameras. Fridrich’s technique exploits the fact that every digital camera introduces a unique pattern of imperfections or ‘noise.” This noise yields a ‘fingerprint’ that investigators can search for in other photos.

Thomas Glave, assistant professor of English, was featured in the March 24 issue of the Santa Fe New Mexican in an article about his latest collection of essays, titled Words to Our Now: Imagination and Dissent. Blending personal imagery with political stance, the book includes topics such as racism, homophobia, and the healing power of literature. He notes that words can make a beginning. He writes, “But one can do things, I thought, at least beginning with the word. The word, which can express dissent.”

Binghamton University was mentioned in the March 13 issue of Red Orbit in an article highlighting the technological development underway in the central New York region. Binghamton’s was cited for its continuing research in new circuits and other microelectronic products.

David Sloan Wilson, professor of biological sciences, was featured in the March 17 issue of Science & Theology News in an article about the teaching of evolution. Wilson notes that there are two walls of resistance: one denying the theory altogether and the other denying its relevance to human affairs. But according to Wilson, everyone can be a good evolutionist – at last if you take his interdisciplinary classes in evolution. Binghamton University’s evolutionary studies program or “EvoS” seeks to explore all of creation with basic principles of evolution. According to Wilson, it is “perhaps the first program that attempts to make evolution a common language for the study of all human-related subjects, in addition to the natural world, at a campus wide scale. “

Robert Van Buskirk, professor of biological sciences, and Anthony Robilotto, a research fellow, were quoted in a March 20 issue of Life Science Weekly, in an article about a joint study involving scientists for BioLife Cell preservation Services, Inc. and Binghamton University. The study revealed a series of new findings and detailed a molecular-based investigation into the mechanism of cell death and survival following cryopreservation. “Our belief is that following cell thawing, a complex chain of molecular events occurs dictating a survival or death response,” said Robilotto. Van Buskirk went on to discuss the role of a protease enzyme known as Calpain in cell response. “Our team’s discovery of Calpain involvement in cryopreservation failure represents a significant step in expanding our basic knowledge of a cell’s response to cold stress. The article also ran in Pharma Investments, Ventures & Law Weekly; Pharma Business Week; Health & Medicine Week; Biotech Business Week; Science Letter; Elder Law Weekly; Disease Prevention Week; Medical Device Business Week; Biotech Week; Drug Week; Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week; and Law and Health Weekly.

Ray Romancyzk, director of the Institute for Child Development, was quoted in a March 20 issue of the United Press International, Inc. (UPI) in an article highlighting his work in helping children with autism spectrum disorders deal with their social and life skills. Romancyzk and his team have developed a combination of eye tracking systems, miniaturized psychophysiological monitoring and multiple computer for high-speed processing to learn how people with autism process information and stimuli. “Part of the reason for this elaborate scheme is we’ve also been doing research on how adults interact with children with autism, how they perceive what they think is going on versus what the child is actually doing,” said Romanczyk. The article ran in the Post Chronicle,; Monster&;; Science Daily;; RxPG News; Medical News Today; MediLexicon and HospitalWorldwide. Romancyzk was also interviewed by WKYU, the Public Radio Service of Western Kentucky.

Andy Morris, associate director for undergraduate admissions, was quoted in the march 21 issue of The New York Times, in an article about how students aiming for the most selective universities frequently apply to as many as 10 or 12. Morris noted: “Anecdotally, I know that many students do this almost as if a game, to see how many letters of acceptance they receive.” The article appeared in the Gadsden Times, AL; the Herald Tribune, FL; the Lakeland Ledger, FL; the Bradenton Herald, FL.; the Register Guard, OR; the Herald-Journal, SC.; and the Arizona Republic, AZ

News of the launch of Binghamton University’s new Linux Technology Center (LTC) was featured in the March 30 issue of Network World. The article notes that the center is expected to tap into the expertise of students, faculty and key industry leaders to create jobs ad boos economic growth in the Greater Binghamton region. IBM is providing hardware, software, personnel and other services for the center. The article also ran on a variety of website including ComputerPartner and InfoWorld, based in the Netherlands.

A similar article featuring comments by President Lois B. DeFleur and Gerald Sonnenfeld, vice president for research, appeared in the March 30 issue of LinuxElectrons. “The LTC joins institutions that are committed to open-source development in a partnership that puts this region on the forefront of Linux based research skills and abilities,” said DeFleur. Sonnenfeld was quoted as saying that the LTC puts Binghamton University in a key position in the development of this technology. “The center’s capabilities will help to make us very competitive for new programs in this growing research area.”

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