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"Best of both worlds" for former student-athlete

Some people may be intimidated by the work involved with graduating a year early, playing a sport and being president of the School of Management’s scholar’s program. Brendan McGovern knew that he was up for the challenge.
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October 2006

President Lois B. DeFleur was featured in October 2 issue of the Legislative Gazette in an article which noted that she was head of the committee of the State University Board of Trustees that appointed Risa I. Palm Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Edward C. Kokkelenberg’s article on prostate cancer awareness was featured in The Ithaca Journal on October 6. Kokkelenberg, professor of economics, wrote about diagnosing prostate cancer more efficiently and worked as a consumer peer reviewer on an evaluation panel considering over fifty prostate cancer research proposals.

Timothy Lowenstein, professor of geological sciences and environmental studies, was featured in University of Nevada, Las Vegas’s online edition of The Rebel Yell on October 9. Lowenstein presented a lecture at UNLV titled, “Reviving Ancient Organisms in Crystals: Jurassic Park or Fantastic Lark”, explaining the research of micro-sized life forms dating back tens of thousands of years found to survive, trapped within mineral crystals.

David Davies, associate professor, was quoted in the United Press International on October 13 for his research in biofilms. “I consider this the Holy Grail of research in bioflims,” he said. “It’s a new paradigm in the way we look at how bacteria regulate their behavior.” Davies discovered a compound that makes biofilm colonies disperse and become more susceptible to antibiotics and immunities. Davies was also quoted in the October 17 issue of The A to Z of Materials, October 16’s Innovations Report, and Medical News Today saying: “I think people will start inducing dispersion to disaggregate biofilms and, then, treat them concurrently, and with significantly greater efficacy, with antibiotics. If we can treat those kinds of wounds and clear up the infection, they will heal. We know that from wound debridement studies,” he said, “I really think we can make a difference with these people, and if that was the only thing we did, it would be worth everything we’re doing.”

Peter Knuepfer, associate professor of geology and director of environmental studies, was quoted in the October 16 issue of Rochester Democrat and Chronicle in an article concerning the June 2006 floods in the Southern Tier. “How do we prepare for or prevent damage in the future?” asked Knuepfer. “That’s a policy decision that the community must make.” Knuepfer participated in a Harpur Forum panel discussion, also joined by Burrell Montz, professor and director of graduate studies. Knuepfer said: “What we have to decide as a community is do we expend large amounts of money to prepare, such as building flood walls, or is that more expensive than the damage caused by the flooding itself or the cost of clearing away properties from frequently flooded areas?”

Mark Reisinger, assistant professor of geography, was quoted in the October 17 issue of The Detroit News in an article about migration patterns in Michigan compared to those from Pittsburgh at the time when the steel industry was declining. “The educated people tend to have more opportunities,” he said, “and they’re also the ones who may already have migrated when they left home to go to college.”

Mohammad Khasawneh, assistant professor of systems science and industrial engineering, was featured in the ConnectPress Solid Edge Community newsletter on October 20. In a segment about engineers finding jobs as teachers, Khasawneh said, “I was a teaching assistant at Clemson and had to go to a teaching workshop and that helped me out a lot. They gave me different scenarios of how to deal with students. It’s all about student centered learning.” He believes it is best to work as a teaching assistant in order to experience what it would be like to work as an engineering teacher.

Elena I. Varlinskaya, research professor and corresponding author in a research study about adolescent binge drinking, was featured in the Hindustan Times on October 25. Varlinskaya was quoted, “Both adolescents and adults showed the same degree of social impairment when tested immediately after or five minutes following alcohol exposure. However, the social behavior of adult animals was still severely suppressed 30 minutes after alcohol administration, whereas the social behavior of adolescents was almost similar to that of animals not exposed to alcohol.” Her findings were reported in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. Varlinskaya’s research was also featured in South Asian Women’s Forum News, Globe and Mail,, Science Daily, MX Australia, Children’s Health Channel,,, Jackson Hole Star Tribune, eCanadaNow,,, The Commercial Appeal,, Times Online, Rocklin & Roseville Today, and Reuters Health.

David Cingranelli, professor of political science, was featured in Oklahoma’s Ada Evening News on October 25 for his research in comparative human rights practice of governments. Cingranelli visited East Central University, as part of a five-day class on human rights and world politics, part of the Oklahoma’s Scholar-Leadership Enrichment Program.

Anne Clark, associate professor of biology, joined Citizens Respectful of Wildlife in hosting an experiment to prove that the city street lamps in Auburn pull thousands of crows into the area, according to the October 25 issue of The Citizen. “One of our thoughts if they moved downtown as lighting became more prominent,” Clark said. “We are talking to NYSEG about power sources and getting lights. If we can show if it works, then we’ll look a the possibilities to have a more stable installation.”

Binghamton University’s Glenn G. Bartle and Science libraries were featured in M2 Presswire on October 26. The University libraries are among the leading thirteen public libraries to join Innovative for Encore development scheduled for release mid-2007. Encore will use new technologies to create an effective presence for the library.

Jonathan Krasno, professor of political science, was quoted in the October 27 issue of The Daily Telegraph (London) and (Ireland) in an article about Senator Hillary Clinton’s immense spending in August and September for her re-election campaign. “It’s practically a coronation,” Krasno said. “She’s exercising her campaign muscles, which is pretty smart if she’s thinking of another campaign in two years.”

Katherine Arnoldi, doctoral candidate in creative writing, was featured on October 28 in an article titled, “Katherine Arnoldi: Fighting for Teen Moms”. Arnoldi’s 1998 book, “The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom”, was named one of the top 10 books of the year by Entertainment Weekly, awarded two American Library Association Awards, and is being made into a major motion picture.

Binghamton University joined the Growing Grant Program for the Study of Secular Jewish History and Cultures, according to the fall issue of Reflections: The Center for Cultural Judaism. The University was one of five recipients for the 2006-07 Posen Grant and will receive a $50,000 grant-for up to three years—towards the development and teaching of new courses in Judaism.

Jeffery Gates, associate director for operations and visits in undergraduate admissions, was featured in an October 31 article about campus tour guides in Next Step, along with senior tour guide, Jerry Granata. Gates recommended a list of questions for students and parents useful on a campus tour, and Granata offered helpful tips for making the most out of the tour.

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